Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This is where the magic happens...My room tour!

I'm possibly the nosiest person ever 
I watch Come Dine With Me pretty much just to have a snoop in people's houses 
and I love watching room tour videos on Youtube 
So I thought today I would do a little post about my humble abode!
So first of all I will start by saying that I don't actually like my bedroom very much lol
The reason being, I bought my own flat a couple of years ago 
but since then have moved back in with my mum and dad.
While I was away my lovely mother decided to completely strip my room 
So now I'm back and I'm in what is essentially a guest bedroom 
It's brown and boring! 

I will get round to doing it how I want it eventually 
So hopefully I can update this post sometime in the near future!
but until then here are some of the things I do like about my room..

So these two little 3D pictures are above my bed 
I think they were from Dunelm Mill
and they are pretty much the only things I brought with me from my flat
They were in the bathroom in the flat though lol 
I think they are so cute I love anything with leopard print
but I think to much in a bedroom can leave it looking a bit like a brothel
So I have went for subtle touches here!

This is my bedside table
My lovely little make up bag is from Primark
and I use this to hold my day to day make up
The little Estee Lauder bag is currently holding a bunch of samples I need to use up
Next up is probably my favourite thing in my whole room 

My Hugh Hefner bobble head!!!
I absolutely love this, I was a big fan of The Girls Of The Playboy Mansion when it was on E!
when I went to Las Vegas in 2010 I was SO excited to go to the Playboy Club
and while I was there I went into the giftshop in The Palms and bought this.

 *Me and two of the bunnies in the playboy club*
*Me and the Hef waxwork in Madame Tussauds*

*Me and Hef's star on the walk of fame in Hollywood*

ANYWAY enough with my Hef obsession and back to my room...

My dressing table

My mirrored jewellery box where I keep my nicest jewellery
and that's a mirrored Clinique palette beside it 

A couple of everyday products 
Batiste XXL Volume, Tresemme Heat Protection Spray, Elizabeth Arden Eye Make Up Remover, 
Sure Crystal Ice, Estee Lauder Serum, Nivea Night Cream, Vitamin E Moisturiser 
A random bottle of fabric glue lol dont' worry I havent been sniffing it!! 
and also a packet of Adios Max which I bought ages ago but have never used, has anyone tried them?!

Some of my perfume 
Paul Smith Floral, Lady Million, DKNY
FCUKConnect, and Daisy (Pop Art Edition)

This is a photo of me and the boy in Blackpool last year 
I love this frame its from a shop called DWELL
and behind the frame is the Twilight Breaking Dawn book
which I started on holiday but really need to finish soon! 

My big beautiful red shiny make up storage bag, with leopard print lining :)
My white wicker basket which was actually a hamper that my mum made me for my 18th full of presents 
but which is now home to my ever expanding collection of grooming products!
and also my hideous nail varnish storage! 

Really need to come up with something better than this! 

This shelf just has loads of little keepsakes on it
mostly gifts from my 18th and 21st
which both seem like SO long ago now!! :( 

This is my little Tinkerbell hanging off the end 
My boyfriend thinks I look like her and she was in my stocking at Christmas

So guys that was my crib
I hope you enjoyed the tour! 
I will show you all an updated version when I decide what I want to do with it to make it my own again. 
loving Pinterest for inspiration right now!
I'd love to have a nosey in everyone else's room so please do this post :) 

Jen <3 x


  1. that mirrored jewellery box is sooo nice!!! xx

  2. lol my bf thinks i look like tinkerbell aswell! how funny x

    1. lol love it :) I might go as her for Halloween ! xx

  3. i have a tester of lady million and i love it! not what i expected at all!

    1. Oh you'll have to get a bottle it's so nice xx

  4. haha love your Hef bobble head! Although you haven't been able to decorate your room, still has tonnes of personality with all your decorations :). I need to get one of those big wicker baskets for all my beauty products!
    Lianne x

    1. Aw thanks, still doesn't quite feel like MY room yet but i'll get there eventually! Those baskets are great they hold loads! I'm sure i seen some like it in TK MAXX xx

  5. Really enjoyed reading this - your room is so tidy compared my hovel lol xx

    1. Aw good im glad u enjoyed :) it's not usually that tidy I just gave it a tidy today so thought i'd take advantage lol xx

  6. I'm so nosey too this is great :D xx

    1. Me 2 i'm so bad! You'll need to do it and let me have a look :) xx

  7. I'm mega nosey - watch come dine with me for the same reason ;) I love DWELL, always sells lovely things and I used to be obsessed with Girls of the Playboy Mansion, but after Bridget, Holly and kendra left I wasn't that interested in the new ones:L

    1. Same here Crystal and the twins were rubbish!! I'll need to go and have a nosey in DWELL again soon not been in for ages xx

  8. Ha I was going to ask if it's always so tidy but I see you've already said it's not in reply to another comment :) I might do one of these once I've moved house (moving in with the bf at some point soonish) as everything's all over the place right now! x

    1. Lol no I should do this again in a week and you will see the difference lol it's usually a riot! Yes you deffo should! Good luck with the move xx

  9. the stuff in your room are so cute! especially your tinkabell at the end of your shelf :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
    www.nessa-mae.blogspot.co.uk, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  10. Looking lovely and tidy Jen! Ann would b proud! x

  11. You room is really pretty :)


  12. I like seeing room tour posts :) I'm in the process of sorting lots out in my room but it's taking ages!

    Tanesha x

  13. Love the little shelf dedicated to perfume! x

    http://laurenjadem.blogspot.co.uk - recent outfit post if you want to take a peak!

  14. You're so neat and organised, I try to be but everything ends up all over the place after a week! I'm nosey when it comes to seeing how other people decorate and layout the rooms in their house. I love homeware and home ideas. (Maybe thats why IKEA excites me to no end!!) xxx

  15. Lovely room! I love home decor! xx