Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Beauty and the Beach - Ibiza Fever!!

After seeing it on a few lovely blogs 
I decided to enter Travel Supermarket's Beauty and the Beach Competition 

The competition involves creating a holiday look
which includes hair, make up and nails 
using your own original photography

So I thought what better to use than my actual holiday photos!

So this year I went to the wonderful white isle 
Ibiza is an amazing island where literally anything goes! so you can afford to be a bit more out there with your look than you normally would at home!

So here are my holiday looks Ibiza style!


These are the ultimate clubbing holiday nails 

Sunny and glittery what more could you want! 
Here's what I used 

Two coats of Sally Hansen French White Tip
Two coats of Missguided Splash polish in yellow 
One coat (on half the nail) of Technic in Carnival


My hair tends to flick out a lot in the heat 
so I really prefer an up do on holiday!
and I like to do one that is versatile enough to take me from day to night
you can see my up do tutorial here

I like to change it up with different accessories

and when I'm hitting the clubs at night I like to get rid of my side fringe 
as those places can get sweaty! and sweaty separated fringes are NOT a good look 

Pleating the front section is a really good way of getting that hair out of your face 
and you basically don't have to worry about your hair again for the rest of the night!
*proof that this hair do holds up! this is me at the end of the night lol*


I don't wear any make up during the day on holiday
there is nothing worse than ending up with a big white face because it has been covered in make up all day! 

but at night time on in Ibiza there is only one thing for it

Now this isn't something I would usually rock on a night out in Glasgow
but it was Cream opening night at Amnesia 
and I wanted to do something pretty special!
This look was created using a gold base 
MAC Pro Acrylic Paints  (High Def Cyan and Rich Purple)
 LOTS of glitter!!!
and some BIG fluttering eyelashes!
I loved this look, I felt amazing
I just wish I had taken more photos of it! 

So there it is, my Beauty and the Beach entry! 
I'm just gutted that summer is over :( 
Oh well bring on the wooly jumpers! 

Jen <3 


  1. Loved your Ibiza photos beaut! Love how you plaited your fringe - i always get horrible gaps in mine if i go out clubbing on holiday :( Will be trying this in future! :] xx

    1. Thanks hun! Aw nothing worse than a sweaty fringe! So annoying! Xx

  2. Love these photos! This is the best entry I've seen, hope you win! xxx

    1. Aww thankyou so much! I really hope i win! If i do i'll deff do a nice giveaway :) xxx

  3. loving the looks hun!!
    Good luck :)


  4. My friend went to Ibiza this year and loved it. I went to Kavos and it was the best week ever!
    I love neon trends at summer, such a shame it's time to swap them for darker colours and also having to wear winter clothes.