Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Boyfriend Tag

I like posts like this as I think it's nice to get a little insight into the person behind the blog
and who better to tell you all about me than my lovely boyfriend :) 

I thought this was an appropriate time to do this post as we just had our one year anniversary <3
He bought me theee most amazing present which I will be blogging about tomorrow so watch out for that! 

So first of all a little bit about the man in my life

This is Craig
He is 27 (I like to remind him of how close that is to 30 A LOT)
and he is a DJ
He plays Trance music which isn't really my thing but I like to go and see him play when I can
This photo was from a club night he did ages ago
but I think it's a cool picture 
Like I said we've been together for a year
but we were friends for a couple of years before that, which is good because there was no awkward getting to know you phase, but we wern't so close that we already knew everything about each other!

Anyway on with the TAG
you have probably seen this list of questions on other blogs
I think he actually done pretty well answering them

she's sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?


(I watch most of my favourite shows online but if the TV is on it is usually turned to E! but i've gotta say I have noticed recently when I go to his house E! has been on the TV quite a lot so I must be rubbing off on him lol)

whats one food she doesnt like


(I HATE seafood!! the only thing I can eat from the sea is tuna and it has to be covered in mayonnaise! but craig loves seafood and is always munching on minging wee prawns!! YUCK)

you go out to a bar, what kind of drink does she order?

Vodka and Diet Coke 

(Correct! occasionally I will have a Kopparberg- Strawberry and Lime Yummm! and i'm also partial to a French Martini)

what size shoe does she wear


(That's right although I'm not sure he believes me as he bought me a gorgeous pair of Louboutins for my birthday and they didn't fit! He wasn't pleased AT ALL lol)

if she was collecting anything what would it be

Nail Paints?

(I think he was a bit unsure of this one lol but it is probably true I don't really collect anything but I do have an ever growing collection of nail polish)

what is her favourite type of sandwich

Club sandwich

(So true YUMM love them! I haven't had one in ages though! they are a bit of a hassle to make)

what would this person eat everyday if she could

Tomatoes and Mozzarella 

(I LOVE these two things! especially together! I can demolish a whole packet of cherry tomatoes in seconds! at least they are healthy I suppose)

what is her favorite cereal

She doesn't like cereal

(I have this weird thing where I don't like wet food and dry food touching each other which all my friends absolutely slate me for!! is anyone else like this?!? lol So basically cereal is like a nightmare to me! 
wet milk + dry cereal = no thanks
I know I'm a weirdo!! )

whats her fav music


(I had a little laugh at this answer Craig basically thinks that anything that isn't Trance is POP I would say I have a very varied taste in music not really a specific genre)

whats her fav sports team


(By 'Them' he means Celtic Football Club, For anyone that doesn't know, Glasgow has two rival football teams Rangers and Celtic, there is a long running bitter feud between the two clubs and their supporters! I support Celtic and Craig supports Rangers, He obviously can't even bring himself to say the word Celtic! lol)

whats her eye colour


(Correct, I'd like them to be bluer though as they are a bit of a greeny blue)

who's her best friend

Wee J

(Wee J is my best friend Jennifer, obviously that's my name as well so people call me Big Jen and call her Wee Jen as it's just easier than us both turning round when people say Jennifer!)

what is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't

Support The Rangers 

(LOL again in reference to the football team drama! what really annoys me about it is that he thinks if we have kids they will support Rangers...Over my dead body!! lol)

whats her heritage/where she's from


(Although I'm Scottish and live in Glasgow my grandparents are Irish and a lot of my family live in Donegal so were kind of spread between the two places, but you tend to find that is pretty common where I live, particularly between Catholic families) 

you bake her a cake for her bday what kind of cake

Carrot Cake 

(I don't really have a sweet tooth at all and much prefer savoury things but I do like carrot cake and gingerbread cake)

did she play any sports


(Oh he finally got a question wrong!! lol I used to play Netball when I was at school but since I left school which was a LONG time ago now I haven't played any sport)

what could she spend hours doing

Hair/Make up

(So true, I love it! I waste so much make up just sitting messing about with it and I love doing other peoples hair as I don't have much of my own)

what is one unique talent she has

She can lay in impossible positions 

(LOL I'm really double jointed and seem to find it more comfortable to sit in positions that other people would find really awkward and he's forever telling me to stop it and he always says I look like I've just fell off a building! lol charming!!)

So that was The Boyfriend Tag!
I hope you enjoyed it! I think he done really well actually I'm very impressed! lol I suppose he does know me better than anyone! 

I really want to do the boyfriend does my makeup TAG so I might post that soon!

Jen <3 xx


  1. Hahah aww this was fun to read! xx

    1. Thanks :) I really liked doing it! was interesting to see what he would say about me lol xx

  2. I loved this!! I wonder if I'd be able to talk my boyfriend into doing this? haha I love how he calls Celtic 'Them'! (They're my fave team too!) xx

    1. You should! I just e-mailed him the questions and was like ANSWER THEM NOW lol, (Yay mon the hoops) xx

  3. I'm off to ask my boyfriend to do this now haha you two are so cute!!!:) xxx

    1. aww thanks :) yeh you deffo should it's funny xxx

  4. Love this post , you're a gorgeous couple xx

    1. thanks babe! I'm better looking than him though, he's punching above his weight... haha just kidding :) xxx

  5. Ah, this is a cool post! You guys are a cute couple :)

  6. I don't like wet and dry food touching either! Gross! Lovely little post :) xxx

    1. Aww yay I'm so glad I'm not the only strange person! haha xx

    2. a work colleague also has this thing! She won't eat cream teas because she hates the dry scone with the cream on lol :p x

  7. Loved this tag deffos going to do it to!
    am also a celtic fan & the boyfriends rangers! oh & his names craig to haha xx

    1. OMG how weird is that! yeh deffo do it! let me know so I can have a look xxx

  8. Hahaha this was so cute and funny, it made me laugh! Especially the 'THEM.' bit, Andrew and I are the same! His family mainly support Celtic and Hearts, and my family are diehard Rangers fans...although neither of us like football, he loves ripping me about it ahaha!
    Great post! xx

  9. A great read :) I don't think I could get the bf to do this! Actually thinking about it I don't think I've ever even mentioned to him that I blog yet lol. Would absolutely LOVE to see the bf does your makeup tag! x

  10. Aw, such a lovely post! I think posts like these are a really good idea :) xx

  11. Thanks for following :-) will defo follow back and I loved this tag I'm gonna have to steal it :-) anyhoo will write some proper comments when I read through ur blog in the morning :-) x

  12. Awww this is a cute read :) Thanks for sharing :)