Friday, 21 September 2012

The Friday Faux Pas #1

This is a new little feature I'm starting
I like to keep my blog fairly positive 
but I am all about honesty! 

Friday is a happy day usually 
So hopefully if I spread a little bit of negativity on a Friday nobody will notice too much! :)

Todays Friday Faux Pas 
is one that seriously grates on me!!
It is (in my humble opinion) the most hideous piece of footwear known to man...


ARRGGGGHHHHH it is hideous!!!

I just think they are so pointless and ugly
I understand that some people have trouble walking in skyscraper heels, but don't want to wear flat shoes
but that's why wedges were invented.

Now I love leopard print, and these are Jimmy's but still...YUCK!

Like the blog name suggests I am a Big Burd!
I'm about 5ft 9 so I certainly don't need the extra height that HIGH heels give me 
but I would seriously not be caught dead in a pair of these. 

My hatred of kitten heels is a well known fact among my friends 
and one of them even joked that she was going to buy these wellies for T in the Park

I really hope someone made these as some sort of joke! lol

So now that my little rant is over! 
Is there any fashion item that you can't stand the sight of?
Do you hate kitten heels as much as me?
Let me know in the comments

and remember ladies

Jen <3 


  1. Hahah they really are very ugly xD xx

    1. They seriously make me want to vom! lol xx

  2. YES to go high or go home!! They are truly horrendous.. either wear a proper heel or a flat shoe xx

  3. haha love this post! those wellies are probably the worst things i have ever seen! x

    1. Lol they are seriously vile right!? I really don't know if they are real or not! hopefully not!! x

  4. Kitten heels are gross! burn them all!! x

  5. GOD i hate kitten heels! i don't see the point in them, at all. so ugly!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  6. This made me laugh! I love this feature, now following you. Would love it if you could check out my blog too. Naomi xx

    1. aw thankyou I will go and check your blog out right now xx

  7. Haha great post, i hate kitten heels to so pointless! x

  8. I just cannot agree on this one.. I don't measure myself in ft but in cm/m and my length is 1.82 cm. Can you imagine what it looks like if I'm wearing does not help my boyfriend ( and a lot of other men) are shorter than me.. :-( Last time I put on a pair of heels someone said to me ( in Dutch though..) That I walk between the clouds..because of my height. People always make fun of it. I simply will not wear balletflats under a dress so don't burn them all..some people may actually need them :-)

  9. I absolutely hate kitten heels, sling back kitten heels are the worst! Physically make me feel sick.
    Also, just wondering whether you'd want to do a guest post for my blog soon? Xx

  10. Haha, this made me laugh, a lot!!!
    I'm amazed the do Kitten Heeled wellies though, I mean really?