Friday, 14 September 2012

I got my new shoes on!

I'll start by saying I have never bought any sort of clothing or shoes on Ebay...
I know right?! lol 
So I took my first dip in the Ebay pool the other day and I've gotta say I kiiiinda love it 

When these babies turned up on my doorstep
(Well in fairness I had to go to the post office to collect them but you get my drift)
I was super excited if a little skeptical 
I was half expecting them to be falling apart, purely because I had never bought anything off Ebay
but they turned up just as beautiful as I'd hoped they would be!

If I had to describe these shoes in one word it would be FIERCE!
I could do some serious damage with those spikes!

They are suede effect with silver spikes 
and they are actually super comfy
(I will correct myself if I'm wrong after I have actually worn them for a full night) 

I am planning on wearing these to my friends 30th birthday tomorrow night 
There are 26 of us going through to Edinburgh for the night so I'll get some outfit pics to show you! 

I can't wait to wear them 
but...I have heard people saying that a few nightclubs are being funny about letting people in wearing spiked shoes!
Has anyone else heard this?

So needless to say I am a total Ebay convert
these only cost me £18.99 plus p+p which was about £5 as I needed express delivery

have you picked up any Ebay bargains?

Jen <3 x


  1. They are amazing! I buy loads of stuff on ebay, it's the best place if you want things cheaper :)
    As about clubs not wanting people to wear spiked shoes, I wear spikes often and haven't had that problem before, so I wouldn't worry :) great post xoxo

  2. yeh I will deffo be checking it out from now on!
    Oh I really hope they aren't weird about it! I'm planning on taking spares just incase but I reeeealy wanna wear these! xxx

  3. Theyre laaaaaavly! arent they they same as those other ones you showed me hehehe! you little shoe-whoreeee <3 love em xx

    1. yeh pretty much exactly the same haha :D I NEED TO STOP SPENDING!!!! lolol xx

  4. These are gorgeous! I'm an absolute ebay fiend, you can find so much good stuff for decent prices. It does take a bit more effort to find the gems than just nipping onto Topshop though! xx

    1. I'm so lazy think that's why I never really bothered with it before but I'm so glad I did now!

      checked out your blog, love it :) xx

  5. WOW what a bargain you have got! I'm in love, seriously I need a pair!!! x

  6. These shoes are gorgeous and such a bargain!! I'm loving anything with studs at the moment! X

  7. So gorgeous! I LOVE ebay, I've got so many sellers saved so I can get updates on what they're selling ha xxx

  8. oh these are lovely! i love ebay bargains! x

  9. Awesome shoes!

  10. These are literally amazing,they remind me of a similar pair from Boohoo! :D Do you have a link to where I can find them on eBay?


  11. Wow, those shoes look amazing! :)

  12. Ah-MAZING shoes! I had a bad knee injury last year so am not allowed to wear heels for long periods of time but I would suffer the pain for those beauties! x