Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lip Voltage - Review

If you have Twitter or Instagram I'm sure you will have heard the buzz about this product recently!
Lip Voltage is the latest beauty craze to sweep the country 
I'm pretty sure it gained popularity after Holly Hagen from Geordie Shore posted a pretty impressive Before and After photo on her Instagram account 

Lip Voltage is made by a company called Dream Weave & Co 
I've never tried any of their products before but after all the hype I had to give it a go 

The product comes in two parts 
Part one is the Lip Gloss itself which is a clear gloss which they say is a
 'Quick absorbing peptide lip treatment'
Part two is 'Mix Up The Voltage'
Which allows you to customise the plumping power of the gloss 
depending on how much voltage you add 

1 Drop - Low Voltage 
2 Drops - Medium Voltage 
3 Drops - High Voltage 

Now you may have tried other so called miracle lip pumping products that leave a minty tingle on the lips 
Lip Voltage is a whole different ball game and I'm not going to lie to you girls 
It really does sting for a while after applying 
but it stops after around 10 minutes 
obviously the more Voltage you apply, the more it will sting therefore I really wouldn't recommend adding more than 3 drops. 

My before and after picture definitely isn't as impressive as Holly's 
but I think you can see there is certainly a difference
I used two drops this time but I have used three in the past and there is an even more noticeable difference 

It can leave the skin around your lips a little red 
but touching it up with a bit of concealer solves the problem 

As it has been so popular Lip Voltage is sold out in a lot of places 
but if you visit the Dream Weave and Co website they list some local stockists 
I know there are a few beauty salons near me that stock it and it is around £15.99

Have you given Lip Voltage a try yet?
As much as it stings I'm sure collagen injections would be a hell of a lot worse 
So I think I'll stick to this method for now! 

Jen <3 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moxi Makeup Brushes

I am a total makeup brush fanatic and I don't think you should ever underestimate the power of a good brush
It can totally change the look of your makeup 
and while I have more than enough brushes to last me a lifetime I am always looking at or buying new ones to add to my collection! 

I love coming across new brands to try so when I seen these little beauties from MOXI I knew I wanted to try them. 
They hadn't been released yet so I registered with their website and waited to find out more details.
I was delighted to find out a few weeks later that I had actually been lucky enough to win the competition they were running where you could win a full set of brushes worth over £90

I was so excited when they arrived!
You can tell they are a luxury brand straight away as each brush was individually wrapped
I'm a sucker for packaging and MOXI certainly don't disappoint
Each brush comes in it's own protective case to make sure they stay in tip top condition

They are by far the best looking brushes I own
who doesn't love a bit of Rose Gold?
They feel really solid and well made I think they will last for a long time

My set of brushes included:
MOXI - Flat Top Angled Brush, perfect for applying foundation
M1 - Blusher Brush
O1 - Foundation Brush, which also works really well with concealer
X1 - Angled Eyeliner brush
I1 - Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush, which is great for both applying and blending shadows

I am loving these brushes so far
They don't shed at all
The foundation brushes leave my face streak free
and my favourite has definitely got to be the double ended eyeshadow brush
it's perfect for travelling as it's two in one
anything which saves space in my makeup bag is always a bonus!

You can purchase these fab brushes from
Moxi Makeup
Unfortunately their site is still under construction so I can't give you details on the prices
but keep an eye out for their website to be back up and running soon!

Jen xx