Tuesday, 11 September 2012

OOTD & My Anniversary Gift

Sunday night's #bbloggers chat on Twitter was all about photography
This is something I don't know a great deal about 
So I was really looking forward to picking up some tips!
The main thing I took from the chat was that most readers are attracted to large bright photos 
and are really put off by small photos
Looking at my blog posts I have realised that mine were probably too small. 
I am determined to improve my photography skills and thought this would be the perfect post to try out some new methods.

Dress: Zara

By the way I just realised that in every single outfit post I have done I am wearing all black!
I swear I wear colour sometimes!! lol 

I mentioned the other day in The Boyfriend Tag that Craig had bought me a beautiful present for our anniversary. I totally wasn't expecting this! He really is such a sweetheart 
He bought me a stunning Michael Kors MK-5128 watch 
I'm sure you have seen these babies adorning the wrist of many a blogger but I just wanted to share it with you. 
Such a lucky girl :) and there was me thinking he had forgot our anniversary all together! 

So there it is my new baby :)

I hope you all think these photos are looking a bit better 
It is definitely a work in progress but I am trying 
any more tips would be very appreciated!

Jen <3


  1. Watch s gorgeous! pictures being bigger deffos make a difference i think x

  2. you look tooo tooo gorgeous, love the watch you lucky B word :) xxxxx

  3. The pics are great! Well done you :)

  4. These photos are really good, I prefer them bigger! They seem more clear. And I LOVE your watch, lucky lucky girl!! xxx

  5. The larger pics look great! Love your new watch lucky thing!
    Lianne x

  6. That lace is so gorgeous and that rose gold watch is too pretty. Black is my favorite color by the way :)



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  8. Love this dress and wow what a gorgeous watch! Props to the boyfriend for picking it out (:
    Thanks for checking out my blog, sorry if you're struggling to find the follow button, it's in the top left hand corner of my blog aha, where it says 'click here to follow my blog' :) thanks, following you now, love your blog :) xoxo


  9. Ive been wanting that Micheal Kors watch for ages, I Love it!<3xxxx


  10. This dress is lovely, you look gorgeous. In love with your watch!

  11. Loving the watch and dress!! :)


  12. Omg so jealous of your MK watch! It's our 5 year anniversary coming up soon - fingers crossed eh!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  13. Nice dress and I love your hairdo!!