Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Halloween Through the Years!

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year!
I always have big plans for my costumes and then end up leaving it until the very last minute and throwing something together!

I really don't like going out and buying full costumes I much prefer to get creative and come up with my own!

I thought I'd give you a run down of some of the costumes I have worn over the years 

Alice in wonderland
I think I was only 18 when I wore this costume (God I feel old!)
This costume was bought for me by my friend when she was in Florida 
I'm pretty sure it was a Leg Avenue costume which you can get online 

Lady Gaga 
I can't remember what year this was but Lady Gaga had only just really made it big
So I was one of the only Gaga's I seen that night
I just pulled this together with bits I already had 
I did buy the wig though which was an absolute nightmare I was ROASTING all night! 


I love leopard print so I decided that I would go as a DIY leopard in 2010
I got the jumpsuit from H&M and the ears from ASOS
I bought a tail and gloves from Claire's but the gloves were just a nuisance so I hardly wore them 
I loved my make up for this look 

I actually done a tutorial on it last week over at Laura's blog
you can see it here

Finally here is last years outfit!
Again the make up was my favourite part of this look

80's Madonna!! 
I wore sum cut off leggings, A black tutu
A black bodysuit (which was actually underwear) A leather jacket with cut off sleeves
and a TONNE of necklaces!!

So for the past few days I have been trying to plan what to wear this year
I have a party to go to on the Friday night and I'm also going out on the Saturday night

On the Friday night me and Craig are planning on going as LMFAO
I think this will be so funny if we can pull it off!
God knows where we are going to find a pair of leopard print leggings that will fit Craig though

On the Saturday night I want to go as Tinkerbell! 
I already have the perfect dress that I just need to attack with the scissors to make it more fairy like :)

Have you all decided what you are dressing up as yet?
What are your Halloween plans?

Jen <3


  1. love your madonna one & lmfao is a great idea! i cant wait for halloween lol xx

    1. Thank :) me to what are you going as? xx

  2. You look hotttttttt as madonna! You neeeeed to wear red lipstick all the time :) xx

    1. Thankya darlin! OMG I never wear red lipstick! think this was the first time! lol xx

  3. the leopard one is great i may have to steal this post idea if you dont mind? :D cant wait to see the lmfao one!! :D x

    1. thanks :) course I don't go ahead :) xx

  4. Loved this post! Your outfits looked awesome! :D
    Loving the leopard makeup :)

  5. Halloween is also my favourite time of year, loving the lady gaga look x

  6. I love your 80s Madonnas and your GaGa. No idea what to do this year though!

  7. Awesome costumes my absolute favourite is Lady Gaga, you look immense!
    My friend's birthday is Halloween, so we always do something special :)

  8. Last year I dressed up a a sexy vampire lol, not sure what I will do this year!

  9. Loving the 80s Madonna the best. I've not dressed up for years, and haven't been to a party for a long while either.