Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Life Cycle Of A Fashion Trend

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Sally over at Top 5 Beauty

She sent me a really interesting e-mail about an article that was featured on the site.
It was an article written by David. In the article he explores where the latest styles and trends originate 
Do they come from the general public, Celebrities or are they influenced by the economy?

You can view David's original article here

It's a really interesting read as it's something I often think about. Who decides that red is the new black?
Or that tartan isn't just for weddings anymore?!

Sally then decided to do a follow up on David's article 
and get some feedback from bloggers

I was lucky enough to be featured in this fab article! 

Sally asked myself and lots of other bloggers two questions.
Here are my answers 

Jennifer from The Big Burd (@thebigburdblog)
1) Do you feel you have your own individual style, or do you tend to follow trends?
This is actually a far more difficult question to answer than I thought it would be. I mean it should be simple, It’s a personal question, I’m answering it about myself, yet I seem to be really struggling with it.
The thing is I don’t really know if I have an individual style or whether I am only picking out clothes because I think they are fashionable or because I think other people will like them.
I mean if someone told me this time last year that right now I would be wearing a pair of skin tight high shine leggings I would have laughed at them. Yet here I am trying to answer this question wearing a pair of disco pants!! but I do really like them…at least I think I do!
I’m really torn when it comes to fashion. Part of me thinks that people wearing bowler hats look really cool, the other part of me thinks that they look like absolute twats!
In conclusion I was terrible at answering that question and unfortunately I can’t really give you a straight answer! I would say I am easily influenced therefore I probably am a trend follower, without necessarily wanting to be!
2) What is the biggest influence in your fashion choice?
I think the main influence in my fashion choice is my mood. especially when it comes to colour. I probably don’t notice it on a daily basis but when looking back through outfit pictures it becomes more obvious. I have been going through a bout of depression recently and have been wearing more black clothes than ever! I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
I would say I am also influenced by the media, I buy a lot of magazines and watch a lot of TV and I am influenced by the things I see celebrities wearing.
I also thing my style changes depending on who I’m with, different groups of friends, family members, work colleagues sometimes it is easy to feel that you need to dress a certain way depending on where you are or the company you are with.
I am also definitely influenced by my fellow bloggers! reading blogs is by far my favourite way of getting outfit inspiration. It’s so refreshing to see an outfit that’s been styled by the person wearing the clothes and not just put on them by a professional stylist! It’s also nice to see clothes on people with realistic bodies! not airbrushed celebrities!

Like I said in my answer it was a far harder question to answer than I thought it would be!
I'd be really interested to hear what your answers would be!
Please comment below and let me know! 
You can read Sally's full article here
It features lots of lovely bloggers so you can get to see what they all think! 
Jen <3 x


  1. It's funny you should say that about following trends vs individuality cos I was trying to figure that out about myself last night! I think like you I wear clothes that will make me look fashionable, without necessarily wearing them?! Like, my bf told me I should wear what suits my style and not follow trends, but I don't think I actually have a style and if I did I'd be too scared to stop following trends to rock it!! Xxx

    1. exactly it's so weird isn't it! I really struggled answering it! I'm still pretty confused about it all! lol xxx

  2. This is a very good illustration - I think Refinery29 did a similar article ))