Monday, 24 September 2012

Emmys 2012 - Best and Worst On The Red Carpet

I kept my eyes open as late as I possibly could last night
to tune in to the E! coverage of The Emmys Live from the Red Carpet 
unfortunately I did fall asleep during it 
but before I did I seen some absolutely beautiful looks, and some well... not so much

Citrus colours were big news last night with Oranges and Yellows popping up all over the place! 

  Julianne Moore - Christian Dior Couture     Clare Danes - Lanvin              Kaley Cuoco - Angel Sanchez

Padma Lakshmi - Monique Lhuillier     Leslie Mann - Naeem Khan    Ginnifer Goodwinn - MoniqueLhuillier

I loved these bright colours they looked so refreshing! They gave me a lovely summery feeling even though I was tucked up in bed with the heating on while watching it! 
Leslie Mann had some gorgeous Turquoise jewellery on which I would never think to team with orange but I seen her getting interviewed and it looked amazing!

I will for sure be tuning in to E! again tonight to watch The Fashion Police 
So in true Joan Rivers Style I will give you a few of my best and worst dressed nominees.
I wonder if they will agree with me!

First up - Worst Dressed Nominees

Lena Dunham in Prada 

I feel like she has borrowed someone else's dress that is far too big for her! 
It is totally shapeless and makes her look much bigger than she actually is 
I'm also not loving the hair I think it looks a bit messy 

Sofia Vergara in Zuhair Murad 

I LOVE Sofia 
She is gorgeous, funny and has a figure to die for 
but this dress makes her look like a tacky mermaid
It does show off her gorgeous figure but she was spilling out of it up top when you seen her on camera

Lucy Liu in Versace 

Lucy looks a bit like a disco ball here 
I would have loved to have seen her following the yellow trend 
I have seen her in yellow before and it's beautiful on her
it really suits her skin tone! This washes her out

Now it's time for the Best Dressed Nominees 

Kat Dennings in J.Mendel

This dress was stunning on her 
the detailing on the bodice was beautiful and pulled her in at all the right places 
She was joking during her interview that she was worried about spilling out of it 
but like she said, her boobs aren't going anywhere so she may as well make the most of them! 
Good on you Kat, people would pay big money for those bad boys! 

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

WOW Kelly looks amaazing in this!
I would never think to match my hair to my dress but this totally works for her
The shape that this dress gives her is absolutely beautiful
I am loving Kelly's style right now, everything I have seen her in has been gorgeous

Emily Vancamp in J.Mendel 

J.Mendel was definitely winning the designer wars last night in my eyes
I would absolutely love to try this dress on or have somewhere to wear it to!!
I love the colour even though it's not something I would have really thought of before
and I love the sheer neckline it shows enough skin without looking trashy.

So that was my round up of the 2012 Emmys
I was SO glad that Homeland cleaned up on the award front as it is my new favourite programme
and I can't wait for the new season to start next week!
Clare Danes looked amazing I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant!

Who are your best and worst dressed nominees?

Jen <3 


  1. I LOVE Lena Dunham but she just looks awful :( Kat Dennings looks stunning though

    HANNAH †

    PS: be sure to enter my £100 voucher giveaway!

    1. Yeh that dress does nothing for her at all!

      Oh I did enter! great giveaway! xx

  2. Kaley Cuoco looks stunning here! x

    1. She is gorgeous isn't she! funny I'm watching Big Bang Theory right now! lol xx

  3. Some fab dresses here! I love Kelly Osbournes! x

    1. Lot of love for Kelly she's looking great recently xx

  4. Kelly Osbourne's dress is stunning, but I don't like Emily Vancamp's choice at all, it gives her a very strange looking cleavage (in that photo anyway!) Interesting reading :) xx

    1. Yeh Kelly looks gorgeous! aw Emily's dress was really nice when she was being filmed not the greatest photo xx

  5. I love the yellows and oranges! I didn't even recognise Kelly Osborne, she looks amazing! xx

    1. yeh I love them as well! nice if we actually got a bit of sun here to wear such nice colours! xx

  6. I love your blog! And your hair is lovely 8) I've got a follower button now, thanks for your help! xxx

  7. I am also a dedicated Joan Ranger! :) I think Kelly looks absolutely amazing, I wouldn't have thought that matching her dress with her hair would work either, but I'm glad to be proven wrong! :) xx