Thursday, 28 March 2013

HD Brows - The Review

Eyebrows are BIG news right now
in fact the bigger the better, Cara Delevingne anyone?!
(Major eyebrow envy)
I am all about the eyebrows! 
They make such a massive difference to your face and can really change your entire look.

If you are like me and spend a good 10 minutes every morning painstakingly filling in your eyebrows to get the perfect arch
 then HD brows could definitely be for you.

For Christmas I bought my mum a voucher for a local beauty salon B-lush
She decided to put it to good use by getting herself some new brows! 

To get the perfect brows there is a seven step process involved

Step One - Preparation & Assesment 
Your HD Stylist will analyse your face shape
 and work with you to decide which shape brows will suit you best.

Step Two - Tinting 
This step will even out your natural colour or darken it depend on which look you want 

Step Three - Waxing
Specially formulated hot wax is used to shape and define your brows and remove unwanted hairs 

Step Four - Trimming 
Specialist scissors are used to trim back any long unruly hairs 

Step Five - Threading
This an ancient method where thin cotton thread is used to really precisely remove hairs 
I've had this done before and thought it was quite painful but it's really effective! 

Step Six -Tweezing
At this stage any leftover stray hairs are tweezed to perfect the brow

Step Seven - Finish
A skin calming tonic is used to treat the skin. Special mineral powders are then applied to camouflage any redness. HD Brow Beater is then applied to the brows to set them in place.
The stylist will then use the HD Powder Palette to fill in any sparse areas.

Last but not least you will be advised on eyebrow care at home. This way you will know how to take care of your new eyebrows in between visits.
Some of the products are available to purchase in the salon to help you with after care
My mum bought the brow palette so she can fill in any gaps at home 

It comes in three different shades 
Bombshell, Foxy and Vamp


The colours in the palettes can also be used as eye shadows and liners
So you are getting 3 products in 1 

So now for the results 

You can see for yourself what a difference it has made to her eyebrows 
Before, they were quite sparse looking with very little definition 
After, they are so much fuller and sleeker looking 

My mum was really pleased with results and has already booked her next appointment
just before she goes on holiday! 

If you love this look you can find an HD Brow stylist near you
using the Salon Finder

If you are based in Glasgow like me then I highly recommend Arlene and her team at B-lush

322 Dumbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick G60 5JH 
Tel: 01389 874004

Prices can vary in different salons 
Right now at B-lush HD Brows are £26

What do you think of HD Brows?
Let me know if you have tried them before! 

Jen <3 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

TRESemme Liquid Gold - Review

I am on a mission to make my hair as healthy as possible! 
As you may know I recently dyed my hair from my usual peroxide blonde to a more natural dirty blonde
It looked a lot healthier almost instantly but since then I've been trying everything to get my locks back to a nourished looking state.

Argan oil is everywhere at the moment 
with every brand bringing out their own version
 from the market leader Morrocan Oil to Primark's own version

Tresemme's offering is probably somewhere in the middle

First of all I really like the packaging 
It will look classy on any dressing table, and the name instantly makes it luxurious

The product itself is really lightweight
which is extremely important for me 
I suffer badly with product build-up in my hair and often have to use a clarifying shampoo
but this feels so light and fresh in my hair and doesn't weigh it down.

My hair can tend to be oily at the roots but very dry at the ends 
so I only use this product from mid lengths to the ends
TRESemme recommend applying one pump of the product to damp hair 

I feel that two pumps works best for me and I have pretty short hair 
So I would maybe recommend three to four pumps on longer hair 

Since I've started using this my hair feels so much more nourished
I can definitely see a big difference in the ends
basically my hair doesn't resemble a bale of hay anymore
which is always good! 

I would definitely repurchase this product  
and it is a great purse friendly alternative to Morrocan Oil

TRESemme Liquid Gold is available now in Superdrug for the better than half price of £3.45

Have you tried this oil?
Do you have any similar recommendations?

Jen <3 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

What's in my bag!

I'm a nosey bugger and love reading posts like this 
So I figured you would all be the same!

The bag itself is from Primark 
I think it was £12.99 which is an absolute bargain 
It is very 'me' Black/Gold/Studs and Chains

It's the perfect size for holding all my stuff

My couldn't leave the house without essentials,,,,

Iphone 5 - I absolutely could not live without my Iphone! I keep my most used apps on the first page so it looks nice and neat! Whattsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Music!

Passport - I don't drive therefore my passport is my only form of ID so I tend to carry it around with me just incase. Not that I get asked for ID as much as I'd like to! Might need to invest in some anti-ageing cream soon. I got this pink passport holder for my birthday to keep it in good condition.

Purse - Unfortunately not a real Louis! but pretty none the less. I got this in Ibiza last year for about 10 euro and it has served me well. It's such a great size and has lots of card holders and places to store receipts. Perfect for a shopping addict.

My Inner Geek Essentials...

Glasses - I've had glasses since I was in primary school, My eyesight is pretty bad but I really don't wear these as often as I should. They are Osiris ones and I'm pretty sure my prescription has changed since I got them so I really need to book an eye test! 

Inhaler - I have pretty bad asthma, I'm on 3 different types of inhaler but this is a reliever which is the one I carry around with me incase of an attack. 

Benadryl - I am basically a walking allergic reaction! So many nights in friends houses have been ruined by puffy eyes and rashes because I'm allergic to their pets. So I always try and carry an antihistamine with me just incase. What a glamorous life I lead....

My Scottish Essentials...

Gloves & Umbrella  - It is currently 1 degrees outside and I can't leave the house because it has been snowing all night! so gloves are a must have when living in Glasgow! These cute little mittens are from Primark and they are sooo cosy! though mittens aren't the most practical gloves in the world.
As I'm sure you know if it's not snowing here it is almost always raining, so a brolly (umberella) is a must have, this one is from New Look

My beauty essentials... 

Makeup - These items change daily but I always tend to carry a concealer, blusher, lipstick and mascara with me. Today I have Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer, My Fashionista PPQ blush palette, which also has a really nicely sized mirror in it, A 17 blush brush, MAC Plush Lash mascara and MAC lipstick in Angel 

Hairbrush - Again the type of brush I have with me is changeable but today I have my gorgeous leopard print Tangle Teezer

Hope you enjoyed having a snoop around my bag! 
I'd love a look in yours. Let me know if you have done this post! 

Jen <3 

Monday, 18 March 2013

My Latest Hair Up's

Now that my 6 week "Long Hair Up" course at college has finished 
I thought I would share with you a few of the hairstyles I have created recently

This is my friends little sister
She was competing in a dancing competition and needed to have her hair back from her face
I used serum to make sure we had a really sleek high pony tail 
then with the help of a MASSIVE donut and a lot of back brushing and kirby grips 
I created this massive bun! 

She was really happy with the result 
and said it stayed in place all day!

Buns seem to be my most requested hairstyle 
I done this one in my friends hair for a recent night out 

This isn't as sleek as the first look
I was going for a more relaxed look 
I left some pieces down in the front and back brushed the crown to create volume
As her hair is darker underneath I added some twists at the sides to prevent the lines looking to harsh! 
The different colours in the bun look really nice!

This is a more intricate style
which would probably be better suited to a wedding
\I didn't use any heat to create this look 
I back combed sections which I then made into loops 
and pinned them in place.

This was another formal style 
I made it really sleek at the top 
then used some padding and tonged small sections of hair to create the curls at the bottom

I'm so sad my course has finished! 
I really enjoyed doing it
I'm looking at some more lifestyle courses to try now that it's over
I'm thinking a makeup one would be fun! 
What do you think of my hairstyles?

Jen <3

P.S I hope you all know you can also follow me on Bloglovin! 
Just incase GFC decides to leave us!! 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Acrylic Makeup Storage Kardashian Style!

If like me you constantly have E! on your television screen 
then I can guarantee that at some point you will have lusted over the Kardashian's acrylic makeup storage.

There is something about clear plastic drawers full of makeup that seriously excites me! 
(Sad? Probably. Do I care? No)

However, unlike the Kardashian sisters I am not rich and famous for essentially doing nothing 
So I have to think of cheaper alternatives for storing my makeup! 

I got these little beauties on ebay! 
for a fraction of the price of the original Kardashian drawers 

Unfortunately they are not nearly big enough to store the ridiculous amount of makeup that I have 
So I have filled it with my most reached for products.

Lip Drawer

In the bottom drawer I keep some of my most used lip products 
Mostly MUA, Some MAC, A couple of Revlon, an NYC and one Elizabeth Arden 

Face Drawer

In this drawer I keep some face products that I use daily
Collection concealer, MUA Loose Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder, Sleep Contour Kit
and my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit, I use the brown shadow in this for my eyebrows every day.

Cheek Products

I use the two smaller drawers for cheek products
MAC Venomous Villains blush, Bourjois, Benefit Hervana
and Technic High lights (A Benefit high beam dupe)

The second drawer has my two Fashionista blush palettes

above the drawers are some more compartments
These 3 are ideal for storing my 3 favourite liquid foundations
Revlon Colorstay, Rimmel Wake Me Up and Estee Lauder Doublewear

This section is ideal for storing makeup brushes
I can't fit many in here but I have a few of my favourite Real Techniques brushes
A few ELF Brushes, A No7 Brush and some Elizabeth Arden brushes.

I try not to have any more than 3 mascaras at the one time
as you really shouldn't keep mascara for long!
I hate seeing makeup collections with tubes and tubes of mascara
It's really bad for your eyes to use old mascara!
The 3 I have right now are
Loreal False Lash Telescopic, MAC Plush Lash and Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I also have a few of my favourite lip glosses, some liquid eyeliner, primer,
tweezers and eyelash curlers.

So considering they are quite a small set of drawers they really can store a lot of makeup!

If you are after a cheaper alternative to the 'Kardashian' drawers there are so many options on ebay
just search acrylic makeup drawers and literally hundreds of options appear
these were around the £20 mark

The original drawers sell for over £100!
which frankly I would much rather spend on makeup

Do any of you have acrylic storage?
how do you like it?

Jen <3 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Time for a change

Evening :) 
Hope you are all having a lovely day! 
I've spent the day lunching with my family for mothers day 

My mum was very happy with her present
The new summer Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume 
she has spent all day sniffing herself! lol 

So I have decided to do something drastic over the weekend
and completely change my hair!
I've had a blonde bob since I was 17
which is longer ago than I care to remember!!! 
so I decided to try something a bit different

I dyed my hair a dark blonde/light brown shade 
and when it is my usual length it looks ombre 
but I also decided to buy clip in extensions to change it up a bit! 

I've curled them here using my GHD's 
I got 3 strips of dark blonde
and 3 strips of mixed blonde
I decided to go for the 14 inch length which is the shortest that the shop sold 
as my hair has always been so short I thought this would look better 
as it's a bit more subtle than 20 inch ones!

I was unsure about it at first 
but it is such a massive change for me that I think it will just take me a while to get used to it
It is growing on me! 
Craig said it's like having a new girlfriend lol!

Me and my mum ready to go out for lunch!

In other news
I got a new camera! 
My beautiful Canon arrived during the week 
so hopefully my photo's will get better and better
I'm having so much fun learning how to use it! 

So what do you all think of the new hair?

Jen <3 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Benefit - Sugarlicious

Happy Sunday y'all!
So I've not spoke about a Benefit product on the blog for a while now 
probably since I bought Hervana last Summer!

but I do like Benefit as a brand
They always have really cute and quirky packaging 
and I love these little sets!
I received this one from Santa but am really just getting around to using it!
(So little time..SOOO MUCH MAKEUP!!)

So in this gorgeous little kit we have
1. A sample size of bene tint

2. Sugarbomb blush
& brush 
(I NEVER use these brushes, I have like a pile of them in my room. do you guys?)

3. A sample size of high beam 

4. A Sugarbomb lipgloss 

It also has a really handy little tips and tricks booklet 
for those who need a little helping hand with how to use the products

Apart from the lipgloss these are all products I have used before and know I like!
This would be a great gift for people just being introduced to the brand that want to try out a few different products without having to splurge on a full size right away! 

These boxed sets come in at £24.50
and are available in 3 different types 
Feelin Dandy 
& Go Tropicoral

I'd really like to try out the others as I haven't used as many of the products included in them! 
I'll definitely be using this more as the weather gets nicer!
Roll on Spring/Summer! 

What's your favourite Benefit product?
Have you tried this or any of the other boxed beauty kits?

Jen <3