Sunday, 25 March 2012


Happy Sunday Ladies (and Gents)
Hope you're all having a good weekend

I'm up bright and early and surprisingly fresh
considering the amount of vodka that was consumed last night!

My boyfriend was DJing and I went to see him play

Wee playsuit from Primark 
love the polka dots and it was sooo comfy
think it was a bit big though, I automatically picked up a 12 and didn't try it on 
but it was a bit baggy, My diet must be working! :D 

This is me and my gorgeous friend Cheryl 
Her playsuit is from Miss Selfridge I think it was lovely 

Jen <3

Saturday, 24 March 2012


 My Paddys Day nails!
I wore a green skirt and green nails to get into the St Patricks Day spirit
and a big Guiness hat! I forgot to take a pic tho :(
It was a great night!
Did anyone else do anything for it?

 Barry M - Emerald Green

My nail brick
I got this in Bodycare the other week for like 70p and its Amaaaazing!
It Files, Buffs, Smooths and Shines 
and your nails look brilliant after it! 

No. 7 Stay Perfect - Sunset 
Beauty UK - Black 

These are my current nails
Still not sure what I'm wearing tonight
and I decided these were pretty neutral and should go with just about anything!
My boyfriend said he likes the crackle effect
and there was me thinking he didn't notice things like nail varnish... lol

Barry M Foil Effects - Gold 
Primark Crackle - Black 

Monday, 19 March 2012

That's What I Want - March

1. Jeffrey Campbell - Lita Spike <3 (I am majorly in love with these)
2.Lee Stafford - Hair Growth Treatment 
3. River Island - bikini top 
4. Hunter - Leopard print, Cow hide Wellies 
5. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman - Stippling brush 
6. Mac & Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday lipstick

So these are the things I wish my bank balance could buy me this month!
It's been a tough month, Paid of my Ibiza holiday and bought a T in the Park ticket
So I am SERIOUSLY skint!
But a girl can dream...

what are you lusting after this month?

Jen <3 

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Happy Saturday Guys!
(I really need to get a new camera with a timer so I don't have to take crappy mirror pics)
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend

Popped into the shops this afternoon and of course ended up in Superdrug!
My local one has just added a new Brow Bar which I think I will try out soon!
So the main reason I was in was to get some eyelashes for tonight

I ALWAYS wear eyelashes when I go out at the weekend
If I don't wear them my face feels so bare!
I know some people have a problem applying them but I think it's the easiest thing ever

My lashes of choice are EYELURE and I always get them in Number 101
I'm a creature of habit 

Superdrug had them on at 2 pairs for £8.99 
but they only had one set of 101s Boooo :( 

So I decided to be adventurous and get a set of 107s as well 

The 107s look roughly the same thickness as the 101s 
but they are winged at the ends, which could be nice

I find Eyelure lashes are by far the best ones I have tried 
Any others have always irritated my eyes after an hour or so
and I always find the glue sticks really well
but sometimes stinks of fish... YUCK!

what eyelashes do you guys wear?
any recommendations?

Jen <3 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get To Know Me

Bit of a different post 
Just to give you all an insight into my boring life!
Seen this post over at the gorgeous Beth's blog
(which is one of my faves)

I really enjoy reading these type of posts 
Hope you all do as well
Enjoy lovelies <3 
*Nice condom machine in the background there LOL*


1. Are you named after anyone?
Nope, I'm the original and best ;) lol. My middle name, Anne, is my mums name though

2. When was the last time you cried?
Last Friday, It was my grannys funeral. but I really don't cry a lot, at all. Sometimes I think I have an inability to show emotion!

3. Do you have kids?
No..I always thought that kids were horrible little things and I had no interest in them
but the older I'm getting they are growing on me...slightly

4. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
I always joke to my best friend that if I didn't know us I'd think we were the funniest people EVER 
but I'm slightly delusional :) (and I laugh at my own jokes) so..Yeh probably lol 

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Haha see what I did there
(laughing at my own jokes again)

6. Will you ever bunjee jump? 
Not a chance in hell! I seen a girl on Daybreak a while ago and she done a bungee jump and the cord snapped, it was the most horrific thing ever!

7. What's your favourite cereal?
Well I have this very weird thing...
I don't like wet food touching dry food...(strange I know)
for example - If I had chips, and beans, and the bean juice was touching the chips, It would make me heave! lol
Soooo cereal is pretty much my worst nightmare!

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?
Probably hair!
I have major hair envy!
I spend a sad amount of time watching hair tutorials on youtube, and I am really good at styling hair
but unfortunately I haven't been blessed with much of my own :(
so if I'm looking at your hair, I probably want to scalp you and steal it!

9. What is your eye colour?
Blue, not really piercing lovely blue, but blue none the less!

10. Scary movies or a happy ending?
I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies. I like scaring myself, but then I can't sleep for about a fortnight after it!
My boyfriend always says he will watch them with me and then falls asleep and I'm left watching in the dark by myself :(

11. Favourite smell?
I love the smell of petrol!
but I think it could possibly be quite a dangerous thing to be sniffing
So I will say Marc Jacobs - Oh So Daisy

12. Summer or Winter?
Summer because I hate nothing more than having a really nice outfit on, then having to cover it up with a stupid jacket! but since I live in Scotland we don't usually get much of a summer anyway!
but I LOVE Christmas, So I like Winter for that!

13. Computer or TV?
Computer without a doubt. 
My laptop is on ALL the time
I usually have E! on the TV in the background though
Don't get me wrong I love TV but most of the shows I watch I stream on my Laptop
My favourite TV shows are Greys Anatomy, which I have followed from day one I love it <3 
and a fairly new favourite which I only started watching last year is Pretty Little Liars which is AMAZING 
I recommend it to everyone. 
I love Geordie shore/Essex/Chelsea/Scousewives as well, Im a total Reality whore!

14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? 
America, in 2010 I went a little tour of America
San Francisco - LA - Mexico - Vegas
it was the most experience ever and I really hope I can do it again some day

15. Do you have any special talents?
I can spin my wrist the whole way round
and I can literally do everything that I can do with my hands, with my feet lol
My boyfriend calls me Monkey Feet 

16. Where were you born?

17. What are your hobbies?
Well recently blogging has become my ultimate favourite hobby
but I Love doing hair as well, I wish I'd pursued it as a career, there's always time I suppose!

18. Do you have any pets?
No but I am dying for a french bulldog puppy!

19. Favourite Movie?
Oh this is a seriously hard one as I watch a lot of films! I'd have to go with The Departed though, as I love Leo, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg! So to have them all in the one place is a bonus!

20. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have a big brother
There is exactly 10 years between us, TO THE DAY
yes I have to share my birthday with my brother! so not fair!
(I like to think that means my mum and dad only have sex once every 10 years lol)

Well Guys there you go
a little bit of me
Hope you enjoyed!
please let me know if you decide to have a go so I can read all about you :)

Jen <3

Mothers Day

Evening All :)

I thought I would share with you all the brilliant mothers day present I got for my mam

She was dropping some NOT SO SUBTLE hints that she wanted perfume
but I wasn't sure what kind to get her as she doesn't have a particular fave.

So I went into The Perfume Shop
and picked up this little beauty

The Vivabox

Basically it's a lovely little box containing 7 sample size bottles of lovely perfumes
BOSS - Orange
Beyonce - Heat
Paco Rabanne - Black XS for Her
Giorgio Armani - Code for Women
Emporio Armani - Diamonds
DKNY - Be Delicious
Caroline Herrera - 212 VIP

You basically get to use all 7 and decide which one you like best
Once you have decided, take the included voucher into The Perfume Shop
and exchange it for a full size bottle of your favourite scent!

I think it's a brilliant idea
This way she gets to choose herself and not end up with something she doesn't really like

The box only costs £34.99
which is cheaper than a 50ml bottle of BOSS - Orange (which is the size you get with the voucher)

It also contains an atomiser so you can take your favourite perfume with you in your handbag!

Hope this has helped any of you who are still trying to decide what to get for your mums
or maybe just a treat for yourself :P
(there is also a male Vivabox available)

Jen <3

Monday, 12 March 2012

Touch of Silver

As you can see from my photos I am BLONDE
I am naturally blonde but if I didn't get highlights I would probably be a very dirty blonde
and I hate nothing more than mousey hair!

I get my hair coloured every 6 weeks or so,
I get foil highlights, usually only half a head
and I don't get the colour taken right down to the tips
which is why, miraculously, my hair is in fairly good condition
considering I have been bleaching it for so long

I went through a stage where I had a problem
I'm going to call it BLONDAREXIA
no matter how light my hair was
It wasn't light enough.

So I started using 
Touch of Silver Shampoo
*This is the old style packaging*

This is a purple toned shampoo
The good thing about this product is that it actually lathers purple, 
Some of the other brands don't so watch out for this!

How it works:
Sometimes when you have your hair bleached, you notice a brassy yellow tone in your hair
some people like a bit of warmth in their hair.
I am not one of those people
I like very cool blonde tones with hardly any warmth
so to eradicate the yellow tones a purple shampoo is brilliant
purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour spectrum 
and really helps to neutralise yellow tones in the hair

There are lots of different products like these on the market
but Touch of Silver is my preference and I have used it for YEARS 
They have also brought out a whole range, including a dry shampoo
*new packaging*

This really is a great product and lovers of the platinum look should purchase the Twice weekly brightening shampoo!

I really must warn you

Before the packaging for this product changed it wasn't called Twice Weekly Brightening Shampoo
it was merely called Silver Reflex Shampoo
and I didn't realise that you shouldn't use the product EVERY time you wash your hair.
I used this shampoo along with my regular shampoo, every time I washed my hair for MONTHS

This was the result

A very strange Grey/Silver hue which did me absolutely no favours!
but because of my BLONDAREXIA I was still under the illusion that my hair wasn't light enough!
Until I seen these pictures and had a wake up call!

Please don't let this put you off buying the product!
It is a great product for brightening your hair between colours 
and I would recommend it, I still use it!
Just make sure you use it properly! LOL

Jen <3 x


So this was actually Fridays look 
but I haven't had time to post

I bought this dress from Zara at Christmas and totally forgot I had it!
It's so comfortable 
and I got compliments all day,
I wore it with opaques and black heels 

Sorry that its just an upper body shot 
that's where all the detail is anyway
the bottom is pretty plain

I was quite happy with the way my hair was sitting 
it's an absolute nightmare just now
im attempting to grow out my bob and its that stupid in between length just now!
but it sat nice all day!!

*Think I had possibly had a drink at this point lol*

My hair is seriously straight!
some might see that as a blessing but not me 
there is no volume in it and it just looks flat an lifeless 

I have to put in some serious man hours to get it looking big and bouncy!

I applied some Fat hair root spray and Mousse (which I have done a previous review on)
to towel dried hair.
I then blow dried upside down, to create extra volume
then I put some big velcro rollers in at the crown

I left them in while I done my makeup
Big voluminous hair <3

Jen <3 x

Good Deeds

*WARNING* lifestyle post, no beauty involved 

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend 
Sorry for my lack of posting 

My lovely granny passed away last week :(
she had pancreatic cancer and fought hard for a long time
but last week she passed away peacefully in the hospice
I got to be in the room with her and although it was really sad I'm just glad she isn't in pain anymore.

The staff in the hospice were wonderful 
and took amazing care of her and made her so comfortable

Being there got me thinking about my severe lack of charitable work
I was thinking about doing some sort of fundraiser to raise some much needed/deserved funds for the hospice
but I have no idea where to start 
and was wondering if any of my lovely blogging friends had any good ideas??

I'm also planning on running this years race for life 
is anyone else taking part?

Jen <3 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Soap & Glory

I'm off on holiday this week!
and it's sooo nice to get a break
I decided to pamper myself a bit this morning.

I got a gorgeous big bottle of 
Soap and Glory -  Clean On Me for Christmas that I hadn't opened yet 
So I had a nice long shower 

I don't know about the rest of you but I HATE baths
I love the idea of a bath with candles and bubbles etc. 
but maybe once a year when I actually decide to have one I hate it 
I just don't like the idea of lying in dirty water.
Anyone else feel the same or am I a weirdo? lol 

Then after my shower I slapped on lots of
Soap and Glory - Daily Smooth Body Butter 
This has the same scent as Mist You Madly which is another one of my faves

I love the whole idea of Soap and Glory 
With its vintage packaging and quirky comments
I still haven't tried any of the make up range though
What does everyone else think of it?

Jen <3 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

Hi guys 
Hope everyone is having a good day
I'm sure you have all already heard about this on Facebook/Twitter
but just incase you haven't 

PLEASE watch this video

I'm not going to pretend to know anything about politics or what's really going on in the world
but I have just watched this video and really felt the need to share it

so again PLEASE PLEASE watch 

Jen <3

Benefit: Hervana

Yesterday I made a promise with myself
That I could go to a shopping centre and not buy any sort of cosmetic
result: Epic Fail

As soon as I came down the escalator the first thing I seen was the Benefit counter 
and I knew I couldn't help myself! 
(It's an illness)

So anyway, I was only making one purchase and it was a toss up between 
Hervana and They're Real mascara

Hervana won
(but I will be going back for the mascara ASAP)

(Like my prop lol)

First of all I'm loving the new design with the box.
They now flip open and include a mirror which is always handy to have!
but they do seem to have reduced the size of the actual product to just 8g 
yet the price is still £23.50
I suppose you are paying for the mirror
I think I would rather have more product

The brush is now angled as well which is useful 
but I NEVER use the brushes, Does anyone else?

I adore these colours 
Soo pretty

Recently I have been using 
Bourjois in Rose D'or
but I have been feeling that it is maybe a little to PINK 
that coupled with my blonde hair is a Barbie disaster 

This is much more subtle and Rosey
If you want a decent colour you will have to build this product up a bit
but I would much rather have to build it up than walk about looking like a clown after one brush stroke

All in all I am very happy with my latest Benefit purchase 
What do you guys think of it?

Jen <3 


I noticed today that there aren't many pictures of my ugly mug on here 
So I thought I better do a quick FOTD 
So that you don't all forget what I look like lol!

Im wearing:
Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer 
Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation - Gentle Beige 
Benefit - Hervana (review to follow)
Clinique -High Impact Mascara 
Elizabeth Arden Lipstick - Cinnamon 

Pretty simple face today, but I haven't left the house all day 
So lazy! but I am on holiday so It's allowed :) 

Hope you're all having a good day 
Jen <3 


All That Glitters...

These are my nails today. 

I have combined two polishes that I'm not very keen on solo
into one beautiful one!
(well I think so anyway)

I have used:
GOSH - Miss sweety
Technic - Bedazzled 

I tried to graduate the glitter so that there was more on the tip
but I got a bit impatient and it didn't really work out like that!

Jen <3 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Music Matters

This is my first post about music 
This is a big love of mine 
I couldn't live without Youtube 

I've got a very eclectic taste in music 
I love everything from The Beatles to Nicki Minaj (who I'm going to see at T in The Park YAYYY)

I'm sure everyone has heard the recent number one 
Somebody That I Used To Know by Oz band GOTYE 

Now I don't know about the rest of you but this was deffo a slow burner for me
The first few times I heard it I was seriously wondering what all the fuss was about
but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me 
and now I love it <3

but there is a cover version on Youtube which could quite possibly be the most brilliant cover ever made!
and in my opinion it's better than the original. 

Its by Canadian band Walk Off The Earth 
They are seriously AMAZING

Every single cover they have done is brilliant 
Go listen and tell me what you think guys!
Jen <3 

High Beam Vs High Lights

So today I went to the shops with the sole purpose of buying nail varnish remover
 and ended up coming home with bags of stuff, SHOCKER!

but this little beauty has got to be my favourite purchase of the day.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Benefit
the very sight of their stand in a department store genuinely makes me happy
I also love High Beam
I have been using this product for a long time and as soon as I run out I always repurchase.
However, I seem to have lost the bottle I bought only 2 weeks ago *boohoo*
and I am majorly SKINT!
£18.99 on a highlighter seems excessive when your bank card screams every time you use it!

So when I seen Technic High Lights in Bodycare for £1.99 (YES SERIOUSLY)
I HAD to buy it!


This is one of the best dupes I have ever used
It is scarily similar
Even the brush is virtually the same. 
Now to be fair as I only bought this today I haven't tried it out properly yet
(I'll let you know when I do)
So maybe I will be dissapointed.
and maybe I will go crawling back to the Benefit counter with my tail between my legs
but when your skint and your saving £17 you can't really complain!

Btw - High Beam is 13ml and High Lights is 12ml but I think I can let them away with 1ml

Has anyone else tried technic products? how did you get on? 

Jen <3 x

Saturday, 3 March 2012


After it being sold out for ages 
I got my hands on the Heaven and Earth palette from MUA 
Happy Girl :)
Heard lots of good things about it so i'll be giving it a try later

I also got myself a U ROK Love Hearts nail polish 
and a W7 polish  called Metallic Neptune which looks like it could be amazing but it was very cheap so I'm not holding out much hope!
Have a brilliant weekend everyone