Wednesday, 1 August 2012

That's Why Her Hairs So Big...It's Full Of Secrets

So for Christmas I asked Santa for a Babyliss Big Hair 
but for one reason or another it got dumped at the back of my wardrobe
unloved and forgotten about. 
Until the other day when I was having a clear out and found the little beauty 

Babyliss say:
 Big Hair gives you hair that's shiny, sexy and totally fabulous. It's the bigger, the better when it comes to fashionable hair, and Big Hair will give you that beautiful on-trend look. 

I say: 
Well I haven't really been blessed in the hair department
It's shorter than I would like it to be 
It's really thin
and also poker straight
(I know some people would love that but you always want what you can't have eh!)

So the bigger I can get my hair the better 
I am constantly on the hunt for the latest volumising products 
And this is one of the best I have found!

It is basically a brush with a rotating head that blows out either hot or cold air. 
Once you get the hang of which way you want it to rotate 
(Im not very good with my rights and lefts lol typical dumb blonde)
It's really easy to use!

How I use it:
Once I have washed my hair 
I use a heat defence spray, right now I'm using a TRESemme one 
Then I use Fat Hair Thickening Spray on my roots 
before I blow-dry my hair upside down 
When my hair is about 90% dry 
I section it and let big hair work its magic 

The trick is to pull up from the root to get as much volume as possible 
I've been really happy with the results it has given me 
and I have made a promise to myself to start using it more and not let it gather dust again 

I found it works really well on my hair length as it turns the ends under nicely 
but it would obviously create a very different look on longer styles
Has anyone else used this?
What did you think of it?

Jen <3 x

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