Tuesday, 7 August 2012

That's what I want: August

Another month 
another list of things I am lusting after. 

I deserve to treat myself to at least a few of them right?
spending ban cancelled!

1.Gienchi Gapo Red Gold Studded High Tops 
*how amazing are these*
2. Models Own Hed Kandi in On The Beach 
3. Zara - Shopper
4. Sigma Essential Kit in Make Me Crazy 
5. Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

What do you guys want this month?
Actually, maybe you shouldn't give me more ideas....

Jen <3 


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  2. Those high tops are gorgeous X

    Please could you look at my newest blog post and comment on it please as its a competition entry that could win me £300 ;)

    Also if you feeling generous follow me on twitter and retweet my recent tweet, thanks hun.