Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review - Henara Intensive Treatment Wax

Now considering my hair has so much bleach in it
Yeh, seriously, this isn't my natural hair colour...unbelievable
My hair isn't in TERRIBLE shape 
but I do have fine hair and I am in the process of trying to grow it

So I decided I needed a helping hand

I have been thinking about buying the Lee Stafford products that everyone has been raving about 
but then I came across this product in my work 
(I work in a pharmacy)

I had heard good things before about products containing henna 
So I picked up a 400g tub for £2.99

What they say
Henara's unique Intensive Treatment Wax for deep conditioning is enriched with natural Copaiva, a natural balm carefully extracted from the bark of a South American Copaifera tree, Whether your hair is dry, damaged of colour-treated, Henara's unique formula will replenish its natural suppleness and shine. 

How To Use
Shampoo and towel dry hair 
Apply a fairly large blob (not sure what the scientific term is) of the treatment  into your hair
working from the root to tip 
Wrap your hair in a warm damp towel and leave for 15-30 minutes 
Then rinse hair thoroughly 

What I Love About It 
Now one of my favourite things to do is have a pamper night 
and this is perfect for one of those nights as it obviously does take a bit of time 
so while its working it's magic you can sit back and relax before rinsing it off.
Once I have used the product and blowdried my hair
it is noticeably softer, smoother and silkier 
and it gives my hair a lovely shine, which is no mean feat as my hair pretty much has the consistency of a bale of hay! 
My hair has definitely grown recently but I'm not sure if that is entirely down to this product. 
Although I'm sure it has helped! 

What I Don't Love About It 
This isn't a big issue as this isn't an every day product.
You would probably only use it once every couple of weeks or so
However..I do find that the day after I use it my hair is really greasy. 
I suffer from quite greasy hair anyway, and usually do wash it every day, but I would say that when I use this product my hair is more noticeably greasy the following day.
Now that might just be because it's more shiny than usual and like I said I'm not used to having sleek shiny hair! So maybe I'm just paranoid.
And I often think that greasy hair is more noticeable on blonde locks anyway, so this product might be better suited to a brunette or a red head.
but like I say it is not a big issue as you wouldn't use it every day. 

I think that when this tub has run out I will probably give the Lee Stafford a try and do a comparison but I would not rule out purchasing this product again! especially as it is quite a bit cheaper than the LS one. 

Has anyone else tried any Henna hair products?
What did you think?

Jen <3 


  1. Great post! i am looking for a good hair treatment to at the moment as i am also trying to grow my hair x

    1. My hair just refuses to grow past a certain length! but hopefully this will help! got to be worth a try xx

  2. Nice review!

  3. Great post!


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