Monday, 6 August 2012

Style Crush - Pretty Little Liars

*L-R Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily*

I don't watch enormous amounts of TV 
but if there is one show I NEVER miss it's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

I'm not sure which season MTV is on because I cheat and watch it online 
but if you don't already tune in seriously think about catching up!
If not for the amazing (very creepy) story lines, then for the fashion!

There are 4 gorgeous main characters in the show and they all have their own  individual (and expensive) styles

Aria Montgomery
Played by Lucy Hale 

Aria is a bit of a hippy and has quite an eclectic look
You will usually see her in dresses and skirts 
and she LOVES accessories 
(the necklace below is from House of Harlow)
and she has the most amazing collection of Jeffrey Campbell's ever!

Emily Fields 
Played by Shay Mitchell

Emily is the sporty one of the group. She is the master of casual!
In my opinion she is probably the least inspirational in terms of fashion 
She is usually just rocking jeans and a T-Shirt 
but she is so beautiful that she pulls it off!

Spencer Hastings 
Played by Troian Bellisario 

Spencer's style would definitely be described as preppy! 
she loves a twin set and pearls but she makes it look modern 
She is classic, elegant and sophisticated
(3 things I am most definitely not lolol) 

Hanna Marin 
Played by Ashley Benson 

Last but not least my favourite little liar Hanna 
She is the most girly of the group
and she loves a colourful blazer!
She isn't afraid to mix and match patterns 
and she's blonde <3 

and if the girls aren't enough to get you to tune in 
maybe the boys will change your mind....

Does anyone else watch PLL?
Who is your favourite character?

Jen <3 x

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