Monday, 13 August 2012

Splurge Vs Save...Sleep In Rollers

Hi Dolls :)

Now if you are like me and a complete reality TV whore 
then I'm sure at some point you have come across Desperate Scousewives 

While I was watching this programme a while ago I noticed a lot of the girls wearing sleep in rollers 
I've also noticed a lot of celebs tweeting about them

I quite fancied a set so headed over to the website to check them out 

Now as I'm on a constant mission to find big bouncy hair 
I decided that they would be at the top of my pay-day shopping list! 

They come in at around £17 for one set (10 rollers)
)if you order 2 sets you get a free pink drawstring storage bag.

Now today I happened to drop into my local Home Bargains store
and came across these little beauts

These pretty pink rollers are essentially the same idea as the ones seen on Scousewives 

Basically they inside the velcro part of the roller is a squidgy foam cylinder 
The rollers are totally flexible making it a lot more comfortable to lie down whilst wearing them 

I'm not going to lie and say you can't feel them at all 
but they are definitely more comfortable than normal velcro rollers!

and the best thing about them ... The price!
for a pack of 4 medium rollers its only 99p!!

I only bought 2 packs but I probably need  3
and I've got pretty short hair so depending on length and thickness you may need quite a few packs
but you will still be making a big saving! 

*pout much lol*

Has anyone tried any of these rollers?
what did you think?

Jen <3 


  1. Great post iv been wanting these for a while but now i know you can find them in other places cheaper i think i'll need to keep an eye out! xx

    1. Yeh deff hav a look out babe, cudnt believe it when i seen them for 99p will deff be going back 2 get more packets! Xx

  2. I tried the Sleep Rollers from the website and was not impressed with the result. I ended up selling them on ebay and got more than I payed for them! xx

    1. Oh really thts rubbish :( so all the hype is for nothing? At least u made some money! Bonus! Xx

  3. What a bargain?! I have been wanting to try the sleep-in rollers for a while but felt that they were a tad overpriced! I'm off to search where my nearest home bargains is now :) xx

    1. I kno! You really cant argue with 99p!! Couldn't believe it when i seen them! Xx

  4. Great HB buy!!! My hair is like a lions main and generally curly so find it hard to use rollers but just goes to show that home bargains comes up trumps every time!! :) xx