Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: Collection - Big Fake Ultimate Mascara

Collection (Formerly Collection 200) has been one of my go to high street makeup brands recently 
Their Lasting Perfection Concealer has become a staple in my makeup bag 
So I popped into Boots at the weekend to repurchase it and noticed that the 3 for 2 offer was on 

Mascara has never been something I've been a snob about
I really don't think there is a massive difference between high end and high street mascaras
So when I seen Collection's newest mascara 'Big Fake Ultimate false lash effect mascara'
for £5.99 I decided to grab it 

The first thing I noticed  was the size of the wand

Here is a comparison 
On the left is the wand from Max Factor's Masterpiece Mascara and on the right is the Collection wand 
Personally I find it difficult to use such a big wand and I've got pretty big eyes so I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone with little peepers! 
I just found it quite clumsy to work with. 
Especially on my bottom lashes 

I was however impressed with the effect it had on my lashes 
It  made them nice and long and gave them plenty of volume

The first day I wore it was on Sunday
I teamed it with a fairly new black liquid liner 
So by the end of the day when I looked in the mirror and noticed that I resembled a Panda with massive dark smudges under my eyes, I wasn't sure if it was the mascara or the eyeliner.

I didn't want to review the mascara until I'd given it a fair shot
so I have worn it every day this week. 
(without eye liner)
I haven't done anything to strenuous. I've been off work this week so some days I haven't even went out
Yet every single day I have ended up with dark circles under my eyes!

I really wanted to love this product
but unfortunately I'm really not impressed so far!

Has anyone else tried this mascara?
Have you had the same problem?

Jen <3 

P.s I'm off to Spain for a week tomorrow :) woohoo! 
I will try and write a few posts to schedule between packing tonight
Don't miss me too much :) x


  1. oh noo.. when i saw your post come up i got all excited about the name of the mascara (haha how sad) - i wanted to love it too. I've yet to find a mascara to take over my Maybelline Falsies.. its a shame this didnt work :( xx

  2. am glad i seen this as i would have just bought it for the name lol x

  3. I love a lot of the Collection products too at the moment! Shame their mascara isn't as good as their concealer xx

  4. Have a fab time in Spain nice to escape the uk weather !
    Come visit at wise rabbit says

    Ashley x

  5. Haven't tried this one but it's a bad thing for sure looking like a panda by the end of the day :(
    Have a good time in Spain, I'm well jel! xx

  6. Great review, haven't tried this product, but I am in the quest of finding the perfect mascara, no luck so far.
    Enjoy Spain!! Let us know all about your trip! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  7. I tried this a little while ago and just couldn't get it to work on my lashes :( it doesn't distribute enough mascara and was just rather rubbish :( x

  8. great post
    I invite you to me

  9. I tried the original one of this mascara and had the same problem with the huge wand, my eyes are pretty small and I have hooded lids so you can imagine the mascara mess on my lids. lol I gave it to my sister who has really big eyes and long lashes and she didn't get on with it either, apparently it crumbles down really easily! So while we all love the lasting perfection concealer I will personally NOT be reaching for collection's mascaras!! Followed your lovely blog! x

  10. I'm surprised it smudged when you wore it. For me that was one of the things that this was actually good at. I did a review on it too so maybe check it out because we seem to make different points about it. :)