Monday, 5 November 2012

A Very Pink What's In My Shower TAG

Good evening lovelies :) 

I'm back from my holiday in Spain 
and I had a brilliant time! but I did miss my little blog while I was gone

Just to let you know that my long horrible work hours mean that I am leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark so I can only apologise for the horrible FLASHY photos!!
I will try and take as many blog photos as possible at weekends when we might get a tiny bit of sunlight!!

back to the post at hand

So when I went in for a shower this morning I realised how pink and coordinating everything in it was!
this was unintentional as but it looked so nice that I decided to do this TAG which I had seen floating around the blogosphere!


Vo5 Nourish me truly Shampoo
This is a shampoo which I always end up going back to 
usually because it always ends up on promotion in my work for £1 and I always pick a few bottles up for when I run out of Aussie which is my favourite shampoo/conditioner brand.
This particular one is for damaged hair which my hair most definitely is right now!
I don't know if it's due to stress or not but I have really bad breakage at the front of my hair at the moment so I'm using anything I can to help it.

Vo5 Give me moisture Conditioner 
Again this product from the same range is always on promotion in my work so I usually pick up a bottle if I see it. I NEVER skip conditioner. It is sooo important my hair can get greasy quickly so I tend to use it mostly at the ends and try and leave it in for a couple of minutes depending on how late I have woke up!!

Lee Stafford Treatment for Hair that never grows past a certain length
Now I am sure you guys are sick of seeing this on beauty blogs but it really is a great product and my hair has definitely grown since I started using it 
I'm not sure whether or not that it is completely down to this product but it certainly helps!
I use this a few times a week as you are supposed to keep it in for at least 5 mins and I don't always have time for that in the morning (I'd rather have the extra 5 mins in bed!)
I'm nearly finished this tub, but I stocked up in the 3 for 2 offer so I have a spare to start using straight away 
when this tub is done :)


Neutrogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit daily scrub 
I have used Neutrogena scrubs for years but this is the first time I have bought this particular one and I really like it. I find it really refreshing.
 It lathers really well so you don't need much product and it goes a long way. 
I really like the smell and it wakes me up in the morning. 
I don't use this every day as I don't think it's really that great for your skin to use a scrub every day
so I only use this on the days I wash my hair and use a different cleanser at other times. 
I love the smell as well! 


Superdrug Strawberry and Raspberry Shower gel 
So my MASSIVE bottle of Soap and Glory, Clean On Me ran out the other week  
which I absolutely loved! and I have already bought another bottle but I bought this in between times because I really like fruity smelling shower gels.
The smell is a little bit overpowering/sickly when you first apply it 
but the scent does calm down and it's fine 
 I don't love it though so I probably won't repurchase when this bottle runs out.

Just to add to the pinkness in my shower I've also got a bright pink sponge and loofah in there!

I'm not going to TAG individual bloggers to do this post 
as I'm a nosy bugger and would like to see inside everyone's 
so I TAG you all to do it! :) 

*Oh look some more pink accessories*

Jen <3 


  1. pink pink pink <3 i love them superdrug showergels although my favourite one is the orange one mhm! xx

    1. Oooh I'll need to give that one a try! xx

  2. Ahh I love all the pink :) I've used the grapefruit face scrub and agree that it smells lovely but it totally broke me out :(

    1. You know what I have broken out so badly recently maybe it's that!! might stop using for a while and see if that helps xx