Tuesday, 2 October 2012

H&M Lipstick or My never ending hunt for the perfect nude!!

My friend and I popped into H&M on Saturday
She was looking for a dress
and I was trying not to look at anything as I am trying my very hardest not to spend money!!! 
but as usual it didn't work 
and while she was in the changing room I found myself wandering over to the make up corner

Whilst I was browsing I saw this little Beauty

I've never tried anything from the H&M cosmetics line 
so I thought it would be rude not too! 
(Here I go again trying to justify my obsession)

I went for the shade 

I've been looking for a nude shade that I like for AGES 
and none of them have been just right
but I actually really like this one on! 

*Check my beautiful Teal work uniform BLEURGH!!!*
*The joys of having to rush home and take blog photos before it gets dark!!*

I really do like this shade 
I feel that a lot of nude lipsticks I have tried look really weird  on me 
and just don't suit my colouring at all! 
I don't think the fact that my hair is so light helps!
but this one so far seems to be just right! 

The staying power isn't great 
and it does need reapplied pretty frequently
but for £2.99 I'm not going to grumble!!

There was a gorgeous dark shade as well which looked a bit scary
but I think after trying this I'll need to go back for it!

Has anyone else tried anything from the H&M make up line?
Or does anyone have any more nude lipstick recommendations? 
They would be much appreciated :)

Jen <3 


  1. My perfect nude is Nars Catfight, I love it

  2. So pretty!



  3. That looks gorgeee! You should definitely try MAC there are sooo many I could recommend you! Bound to be one you'd like and they're amazing quality!! Xx

  4. I used to use a H&M powder pretty religiously, and I've seen other bloggers approve the H&M range. So yes, it is good for the price :)

    Morag x

  5. not a fan of nudes as they never seem to suit me but this looks really nice & for that price i may have to go have a look at it haha xx

  6. I have only ever used their eyeshadow, when I worked there and hadn't remembered my own eyeshadow id pop up and use some hehe, but never tried their lipsticks . I've never been a fan of nude either perhaps as my hair is so.light too. Glad u found something you like :-) xx

  7. this would suit me at all, but it looks really nice on you! everyone loves a work uniform xx

  8. This looks really nice! I might have to check out their makeup range :) xxx

  9. you can't go wrong with nudes! this shade looks great on you :)


  10. I have this lipstick too and I absolutely love it! I wore it loads on my holiday at the beginning of September so I think I definitely need a new one. The colour's so lovely and how good is it?! I never expected H&M beauty products to be as good as they are!

    Terri xo - littlegoldstars.blogspot.com