Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Blog Crushes #1

How are we all today?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend :) 

Today I decided to spread the love 
and share with you guys some of my all time favourite blogs and bloggers :)
I love reading posts like this and I always find some great new blogs to follow from them 
So I hope you guys will all check these gorgeous ladies blogs out! 

Now I have a LONG reading list of blogs 
but these blogs are the ones that I will always go and have a look to see what they have posted recently 
even if they haven't popped up on my reading list

First up is the beautiful Beth over at Bird's Words

Beth is my fellow bird :)
and is one of the first blogs I really started reading regularly
She posts about such a wide range of beauty products and has really similar taste to me 
which isn't great for my bank balance as I have ended up purchasing more than a few products because of her reviews! 
I always look forward to reading her posts as she puts so much personality into them.
She is also such a lovely girl and always takes time to reply to comments/questions.

Next up is my blogging bestie, Izzie from Hola-Bambi

Izzie's blog has the most amazing nail designs
and her Models Own collection is something else.
She has also just got the coolest job at Mizz Magazine so you get to hear all about her exciting work adventures!
but most importantly Izzie is just the nicest person ever.
We talk all the time (not so much this week as I have been working soooo much :( Booo)
we are always tweeting/texting each other and we are deff going to try and meet up at some point 
not that easy considering she lives in London and I'm in Glasgow!

The next blogger is the gorgeous Allie from Big Hair Bigger Heels

I haven't been following Allie for that long 
but her blog has fast became a firm favourite! I pretty much check on a daily basis to see if she has posted 
as she is most definitely my style crush!
She just has such an amazing way of putting outfits together and I literally have loved everything I have seen her in.
She is more quirky than me but I definitely get inspiration from her blog!
She also has some amazing DIY posts for all the crafty bloggers out there.

Last but certainly not least
The wonderful Louise from Makeup etc

Louise is an animal lover and cruelty free beauty blogger 
which is something I really admire her for
I think the effort she puts in to use only cruelty free products is amazing
and her blog even includes a really well researched list of companies that aren't cruelty free!
Louise is doing a makeup course at college just now and I love seeing posts about what she has learnt 
I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Louise at the last scottish bloggers meetup and she is so lovely, we talk quite a lot on twitter as well and I can't wait to see her again at the next meetup :)

Well I hope you have all found some lovely new blogs to follow!
and hopefully the more my reading list grows the more I'll be able to share with you guys.
Does anyone have any reading recommendations for me?

Jen <3 


  1. Thankyou sooo much baby :) xxxxx

  2. Aww thank you! I will need to have a look at the other girls :D xx

  3. Aww thank you so much lovely :D Glad you like my blog! I've probably scrolled through all of your older posts haha :) xx

  4. aw thankyou so much fellow birddy :)! I always check yours too! I think because we have similar blog names i've always remembered your first comment on my blog and ive loved reading your posts ever since :) haha
    Im having a look at your other recommendations now - i really need to do a post like this
    lots of lovee xxx

  5. I love Louise' blog too and she's inspired me to go cruelty free and vegetarian! I'm in the process of changing my blog right now!

    I hope to meet you at a blogger event soon! & Louise, I hope to get to chat to you at the next meet. I wasn't in your quiz group this time round! xx