Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chobani Greek Yogurt - Bloggers Dinner - Glasgow

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to a gorgeous dinner
courtesy of Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani is a brand that hasn't long been released in the UK
but has been a massive success across the pond
When their founder first released the product there was no big marketing budget 
so the majority of the brands success came from people just like us, bloggers and social media lovers! 
Therefore the blogging community is very close to their hearts 
which is why a lovely bunch of us Glasgow bloggers were invited down to The Corinthian to try out some of their products! 

I am currently on a fitness journey and doing a lot of weight and strength training 
So right now it's really important for me to pack plenty of protein into my diet
It really appeals to me that Chobani yogurts actually contain TWICE the amount of protein than in a normal yogurt!

 Chobani worked with the chefs and mixologists at The Corinthian to come up with a unique food and drinks menu where every course contained some of the Greek Yogurt.
I would have never considered adding yogurt to a cocktail but it really worked!
infact it went down a bit too well! 

After a very meaty meal last weekend 
I decided to change things up a bit last night and go for the Vegetarian options on the menu

I had the risotto to start which was lovely 
The yogurt gave it a really thick creamy texture 
and for someone who isn't a pea lover I polished off the lot! 

Now I know I was slating polenta in my last post 
but I decided to give it another chance and I'm glad I did 
It was really lovely and perfectly set off by the Yogurt which acted as a sour cream dip for the polenta cake
The peppery rocket and red pepper salad was a lovely finishing touch

For dessert I went for the Creme Brulee 
which had a gorgeous thick consistency 
and the caramel gave it a lovely sweet flavour
I made a complete mess all over the table with the crumbly shortbread! 
(Can't take me anywhere)

Usually the only time I eat yogurt is with fresh berries for breakfast
but I will definitely be trying to incorporate it into my meals more often 
especially when I'm trying to increase my protein intake.

Here are the two gorgeous ladies that made it happen 
Christine and Amy were such lovely hostesses running around after us all night! 
They both even have their own blogs 
Christine - Little Swallow
Amy - Yummei

 Of course the best part of the whole evening was getting to see some of my lovely blogger friends like:

Have you tried Chobani yet?
Do you have any good recipes using Greek Yogurt?
Jen xx


  1. Such a good night! And aww I like that pic of us all x

  2. Great post! ...down here in London we did a spinning class with Chobani! I wouldn't turn down dinner AND spinning! Lol :)

  3. Beautiful photos...looks amazing! i shall need to try this next time i'm in Glasgow