Saturday, 19 October 2013

TGI Friday Instagram Launch Party

So on Thursday night I was invited along to TGI Fridays in Glasgow 
for a little party to celebrate them launching their new instagram @TGIFridaysUK
and also a new range of their delicious cocktails!

Normally I would be thrilled to be invited to an event that involved alcohol! 
(not that im a drunk...) 
This month however my inner philanthropist has came out and I am participating in Sober October for Macmillan. So really this event couldn't have came at a worse time! 
I tweeted TGI beforehand to explain my predicament and they assured me that their lovely bartenders could mix me up some delicious mocktails or smoothies! which was really nice of them! 

I arranged to meet up with the lovely Melissa from Stylish Kids
for dinner before the event 
we went to Zizi's in Royal Exchange Square 
I've not been to this branch before and I was seriously impressed 

image from Zizi website 

It's in such a beautiful building 
and I was greeted with the worlds biggest pizza which was sooo good! 
I also noticed some 'skinny pizzas' on the menu if you are watching the lbs
which clearly I wasnt...

When we arrived at TGIs we were given our pick of some delicious drinks
I had the non alcoholic Strawberry Fields which tasted like a daiquiri 
and Melissa had a drink with Vodka and Amaretto which looked really lovely 

Us bloggers were sectioned off in our own little area to enjoy the fun activities that had been laid on 
There were some amazingly talented artists there, showcasing their talented with some cocktail themed masterpieces 

We could have a go at being artistic ourselves by painting our own shopping bags 
Mine was actually embarrassingly bad so I won't share it with you! 

You could also have your nails painted 
However mine were in such a shocking state that I couldn't bring myself to go over and get them done 
(Bad beauty blogger!!)

I had such a fab night and got to catch up with some lovely bloggy friends that I hadn't seen in such a long time! 

This little collage was on the TGI Facebook
Do you recognise any bloggers you know?

What's your favourite TGI cocktail?
I think mine would have to be the Pornstar Martini!! 
Jen xx


  1. Looks like a really fun night!! I love the Instagram sign aha I want one.

    1. Me too I was obsessed with it all night lol! would be a good halloween costume! xx

  2. This sounds like a very fun event!

    Love your blog, I'm now following!!

    Kimberley x

    1. It was great hun so nice to see everyone!

      Thanks so much


  3. Awe, looks like you had a really fun night! I love your makeup and hair! :) Xx

    1. Thanks babe :) It held up pretty well considering I'd been at uni all day before! LOL

  4. You look gorgeous! It's nice coming across fellow Glasgow bloggers! I've given you a wee follow! :) Keep in touch, Megan x

    {L I T T L E R E N A U L T}