Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pantene Clarifying Shampoo: Review

If you didn't already know, a clarifying shampoo is a product which is designed to cleanse the hair and remove product and oil build-up.
I have extremely irritating hair, it can be dry through the ends but sometimes my roots can feel oily almost as soon as I've washed my hair.

I used to wash my hair every single day as I honestly couldn't have left the house without doing it.
It was so greasy looking you could have fried chips on it! even although I had only washed it the day before.

Washing your hair every day is really not ideal 
It can take up a lot of precious time, which lets be honest could be spent in bed! 
Plus my hair does not dry well naturally, so washing daily also means blow drying daily
and constant heat is never good for your hair.

This shampoo has been part of my haircare routine for about a year now
and I have noticed a massive difference in my hair 

I try and keep my product use to a minimum throughout the week 
The weekend is a totally different story though. My poor hair goes through the mill 
I basically pile on anything that claims to give me 'BIG' hair 
Come Monday morning, my tresses are in a sorry state 

That's when I whip this out
You only have to use it around once a week to see the effects 
Any more than that and you could be stripping your hair of colour and healthy oils that it needs to keep it nourished.
My hair never feels cleaner than it does after using this and I have found that I now only have to wash my hair every couple of days, which makes such a difference. 

Also don't be scared to use this on dry/damaged hair, although it gets rid of the product it won't leave your hair feeling straw like and dried out just lovely, light and clean.

There are many clarifying shampoos on the market, but this is definitely one of the most budget friendly 
Less than £4 for a whopping 400ml
and what's more they are on BOGOF in Boots just now!

Have you used this before?
Do you regularly use a clarifying shampoo?

Jen <3 


  1. Your hair sounds like mine! I think I'll try this out, thanks for the review (: xx

    1. God it's so annoying isn't it! you should definitely give it a go xxx

  2. Oh I need to get this, I've been thinking about getting a clarifying shampoo but had no idea which one to try. I used to wash my hair everyday (it was really long as well back then as well!) but I had got it to every-other day. Then recently I've noticed it's getting so dirty so quickly. It's improved a little bit again now but at one point it wasn't even lasting a day before it started to feel greasy and I hate it. So I'll definitely giving this a try :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  3. I've never used a clarifying shampoo - since I'm cautious of stripping the hair back and I hardly use any product anyway. Since getting my BaByliss Perfect Curl though I've really started heat styling more, using more products so this sounds like it could be a great option to use once a week! Xx

  4. I love this shampoo, it's the best clarifying shampoo that I've found! I've been using it around two years now.. For the price it really is perfect..! xx

    Rachael | ♥

  5. I get the same problem with my hair, it feels like I haven't washed it for days when I've literally just stepped out of the shower. I've never heard of a clarifying shampoo so will keep my eye out for this. Do you conditioner your hair after or not?

    Heather xx