Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: Review

One question I always see getting asked in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter is 
Can somebody recommend a good full coverage foundation?
and I always reply with, 'Estee Lauder Double Wear'
So I decided it was time to do a post about the product I am constantly raving about

This is my ultimate holy grail foundation
I have been wearing it for years now and although it is by no means the only foundation I use 
(My stash of liquid foundations is verging on ridiculous)
It is the one I ALWAYS repurchase 

This is the foundation I will always turn to if I have a big night out or special occasion 
as the finish is absolutely flawless and the staying power is the best I have ever used

The best way I have found of applying it is with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush
These two are a dream combination for a flawless face

I suffer with redness across my cheeks and this foundation is great at completely covering my problem areas with minimal need for concealer.
If you have tried Rimmel wake me up foundation I would say they are comparable coverage wise.
Although Double Wear has much better staying power and gives far more matte appearance
Sometimes the 'glow' from Wake Me Up can leave me looking a little shiny.

I wear the shade 3N1 Ivory Beige which is a perfect match for my skintone
and from what I have seen they have a good range of colours.
You can head down to your nearest Estee Lauder counter for a colour match 

The only negative about this foundation is that it has no pump dispenser
but I have found that the MAC foundation pump fits the bottle perfectly 
You can pick one of these up online or in your nearest MAC for £4

It would take a pretty major contender to get me to sway from my beloved Double Wear 
but if you know of anything that lives up to it with a similar coverage please let me know :) 

Have you tried Double Wear before?
Are you going to give it a go now?

Jen <3 xxx


  1. Nice review - I do love Estée Lauder products and for me the only drawback with this product is like you say that it doesn't have a pump, because the wear is amazing and gives wonderful coverage and lovely finish. Xx

    1. The pump thing is really annoying! Godsend that the MAC one fits! Xx

  2. Do you wear a primer with Doublewear? I'm wondering whether I should invest in one, I had a bad experience with a Loreal one and have been put off :') xx

    1. Well Iv got to admit i'm a bit lazy with primer, i'm still a bit unsure whether it does anything for me or not! I do tend to use it on big nights out though, but I would still use this without! Xx

    2. Forgot to say if I do use a primer its usually bare minerals prime time xx

    3. I tried the Loreal Studio Secrets primer and it was awful, it literally did nothing! I'm starting to wonder if it's just a marketing scheme :') I may give it a go though xx

  3. Double Wear and I just don't get on sadly, I know loads of people who rave about it but it doesn't seem to sit well on my skin, seems to sit on top rather than sink in properly. I love Diorskin Nude though x

    1. Oh no :( Nothing worse when a raved about product does nothing for you! Oh maybe i'll give that a go! Xx

  4. I really like this foundation I used to wear it daily but I swear the formulas changed slightly recently? x