Sunday, 8 December 2013

Social & Cocktail - The Review

I can't quite believe I'm up and writing this today after the night I had last night! 
Admittedly I have a rather sore head, but I am powering through
I was lucky enough to host a fabulous cocktail party courtesy of Social & Cocktail 
In the comfort of my own kitchen!

There is nothing I hate more (especially in a wet and freezing Glasgow) than going for a night out and having to wait in a massive taxi que to get home at the end of the night.
So this was my idea of heaven! 

My lovely bar tender Evan arrived at 7:45 with a little white suitcase which magically turned into the most amazing cocktail bar.
They bring everything you can think of from fresh fruit and ice to cocktail glasses and straws
and probably best of all, they even clean up everything when they are finished!

I chose five cocktails for us to try from the menu. I wanted to stick to mainly vodka based drinks so there wouldn't be too many sore heads in the morning from mixing drinks,
We went for:
Moscow Mule
French Martini 
Strawberry Daiquiri 
and Mojitos
They were all absolutely delicious but I think my favourite was either the Moscow Mule which was so refreshing or the French Martini which is my favourite cocktail of all time 

My little cousin Rebecca is Vlogging every day for two months for charity 
You can check out her Youtube channel here
and Evan very kindly let her join in with the cocktail making and include it in her vlog

You could tell he was really passionate about his job and was answering all our questions about the different types of cocktails. 
He also wasn't scared of joining in with the banter in a room full of women! He must have thought we were all a bit crazy, especially after a few cocktails. 
He done a great job and really made the night what it was. 

Social and Cocktail can be hired for private parties and corporate events 
and the prices are so reasonable! 
£25 a head and they were here from 7:45 until after 12 
It is definitely worth the money when you think how expensive cocktail bars are.

I would definitely recommend hiring them
It is such a brilliant idea for birthdays or hen nights 
or even just for a fab night in or even before you head out to a club!

If you are in the Glasgow area and fancy having one of these great nights for yourself 
you can find the guys here
or on twitter @sococktail 
They are also going to be branching out to Edinburgh early in the New Year :)

Jen xxx


  1. This sounds like such a great idea! I often prefer getting my friends round for drinks rather than heading out and this is a perfect mix of the two. Definitely going to be looking into this... xx

    1. Yeh you really should we all had a brilliant night :) xxx

  2. This is so good! Never heard of this before - brilliant idea & thanks for sharing :-)

    Will head over & check out Rebecca's vlogs.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Aw thanks very much her vlogs are great :) xxx