Saturday, 23 March 2013

What's in my bag!

I'm a nosey bugger and love reading posts like this 
So I figured you would all be the same!

The bag itself is from Primark 
I think it was £12.99 which is an absolute bargain 
It is very 'me' Black/Gold/Studs and Chains

It's the perfect size for holding all my stuff

My couldn't leave the house without essentials,,,,

Iphone 5 - I absolutely could not live without my Iphone! I keep my most used apps on the first page so it looks nice and neat! Whattsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Bloglovin and Music!

Passport - I don't drive therefore my passport is my only form of ID so I tend to carry it around with me just incase. Not that I get asked for ID as much as I'd like to! Might need to invest in some anti-ageing cream soon. I got this pink passport holder for my birthday to keep it in good condition.

Purse - Unfortunately not a real Louis! but pretty none the less. I got this in Ibiza last year for about 10 euro and it has served me well. It's such a great size and has lots of card holders and places to store receipts. Perfect for a shopping addict.

My Inner Geek Essentials...

Glasses - I've had glasses since I was in primary school, My eyesight is pretty bad but I really don't wear these as often as I should. They are Osiris ones and I'm pretty sure my prescription has changed since I got them so I really need to book an eye test! 

Inhaler - I have pretty bad asthma, I'm on 3 different types of inhaler but this is a reliever which is the one I carry around with me incase of an attack. 

Benadryl - I am basically a walking allergic reaction! So many nights in friends houses have been ruined by puffy eyes and rashes because I'm allergic to their pets. So I always try and carry an antihistamine with me just incase. What a glamorous life I lead....

My Scottish Essentials...

Gloves & Umbrella  - It is currently 1 degrees outside and I can't leave the house because it has been snowing all night! so gloves are a must have when living in Glasgow! These cute little mittens are from Primark and they are sooo cosy! though mittens aren't the most practical gloves in the world.
As I'm sure you know if it's not snowing here it is almost always raining, so a brolly (umberella) is a must have, this one is from New Look

My beauty essentials... 

Makeup - These items change daily but I always tend to carry a concealer, blusher, lipstick and mascara with me. Today I have Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer, My Fashionista PPQ blush palette, which also has a really nicely sized mirror in it, A 17 blush brush, MAC Plush Lash mascara and MAC lipstick in Angel 

Hairbrush - Again the type of brush I have with me is changeable but today I have my gorgeous leopard print Tangle Teezer

Hope you enjoyed having a snoop around my bag! 
I'd love a look in yours. Let me know if you have done this post! 

Jen <3 


  1. Love these kinds of posts! And I def agree with the part about needing gloves and a brolly in Glasgow. You never know what you are gonna get with the weather! (Fab bag too) :) x

    1. Oh I know it's unreal! wish this snow would go away! xx

  2. Love these kind of posts too! Can't believe that's all you're taking with you haha I'm basically carrying everything but the kitchen sink around with me :) Love that umbrella btw x

    1. haha! My bag is usually like that I did tidy it up a bit before I done this post lol x

  3. Great post lovely bag never seen that in primark before x

    1. Thanks hun! I just got it last week I'm sure it's a new line! x

  4. I'm a nosey bugger too, love these posts :P You may have already read mine but here's the link if you've not! :) xx

    1. haha :) thanks louise I had a look and commented <3 xx

  5. I'm a nosey moo so I love these posts! I love your bag...not sure anyone would want to see in mine bag; a few old screwed up receipts, 2ps, chewing gum wrappers and old fruit pastels with fluff on them! hehe!

    Jen xx (I'm a Jenifer too - but with one 'N!')

    1. aww nice to meet another Jen :) haha I've never seen it spelt that way! love it! yeh my bag is usually much messier than this lolol xx