Wednesday, 27 March 2013

TRESemme Liquid Gold - Review

I am on a mission to make my hair as healthy as possible! 
As you may know I recently dyed my hair from my usual peroxide blonde to a more natural dirty blonde
It looked a lot healthier almost instantly but since then I've been trying everything to get my locks back to a nourished looking state.

Argan oil is everywhere at the moment 
with every brand bringing out their own version
 from the market leader Morrocan Oil to Primark's own version

Tresemme's offering is probably somewhere in the middle

First of all I really like the packaging 
It will look classy on any dressing table, and the name instantly makes it luxurious

The product itself is really lightweight
which is extremely important for me 
I suffer badly with product build-up in my hair and often have to use a clarifying shampoo
but this feels so light and fresh in my hair and doesn't weigh it down.

My hair can tend to be oily at the roots but very dry at the ends 
so I only use this product from mid lengths to the ends
TRESemme recommend applying one pump of the product to damp hair 

I feel that two pumps works best for me and I have pretty short hair 
So I would maybe recommend three to four pumps on longer hair 

Since I've started using this my hair feels so much more nourished
I can definitely see a big difference in the ends
basically my hair doesn't resemble a bale of hay anymore
which is always good! 

I would definitely repurchase this product  
and it is a great purse friendly alternative to Morrocan Oil

TRESemme Liquid Gold is available now in Superdrug for the better than half price of £3.45

Have you tried this oil?
Do you have any similar recommendations?

Jen <3 


  1. I've been using Moroccan oil on my hair and found that it can be a bit too dense and therefore I get the same problem with the build-up. However this looks like a great alternative, and for that price I'd have to check it out :)
    Great post!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

    1. Yeh you definitely should! build up is soo annoying :( but I really recommend this! x

  2. I've been using this and I love it! I agree, it's very lightweight.
    Great Post,
    Sarah xxx

    1. aww glad you like it as much as I do it's brill x

  3. I've recently bought this, I love all hair oils... they make such a difference on my hair! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I was always a bit scared to use them incase they just made my hair greasy but i'm loving this x