Monday, 11 March 2013

Acrylic Makeup Storage Kardashian Style!

If like me you constantly have E! on your television screen 
then I can guarantee that at some point you will have lusted over the Kardashian's acrylic makeup storage.

There is something about clear plastic drawers full of makeup that seriously excites me! 
(Sad? Probably. Do I care? No)

However, unlike the Kardashian sisters I am not rich and famous for essentially doing nothing 
So I have to think of cheaper alternatives for storing my makeup! 

I got these little beauties on ebay! 
for a fraction of the price of the original Kardashian drawers 

Unfortunately they are not nearly big enough to store the ridiculous amount of makeup that I have 
So I have filled it with my most reached for products.

Lip Drawer

In the bottom drawer I keep some of my most used lip products 
Mostly MUA, Some MAC, A couple of Revlon, an NYC and one Elizabeth Arden 

Face Drawer

In this drawer I keep some face products that I use daily
Collection concealer, MUA Loose Powder, MAC Studio Fix Powder, Sleep Contour Kit
and my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit, I use the brown shadow in this for my eyebrows every day.

Cheek Products

I use the two smaller drawers for cheek products
MAC Venomous Villains blush, Bourjois, Benefit Hervana
and Technic High lights (A Benefit high beam dupe)

The second drawer has my two Fashionista blush palettes

above the drawers are some more compartments
These 3 are ideal for storing my 3 favourite liquid foundations
Revlon Colorstay, Rimmel Wake Me Up and Estee Lauder Doublewear

This section is ideal for storing makeup brushes
I can't fit many in here but I have a few of my favourite Real Techniques brushes
A few ELF Brushes, A No7 Brush and some Elizabeth Arden brushes.

I try not to have any more than 3 mascaras at the one time
as you really shouldn't keep mascara for long!
I hate seeing makeup collections with tubes and tubes of mascara
It's really bad for your eyes to use old mascara!
The 3 I have right now are
Loreal False Lash Telescopic, MAC Plush Lash and Maybelline Lash Stiletto

I also have a few of my favourite lip glosses, some liquid eyeliner, primer,
tweezers and eyelash curlers.

So considering they are quite a small set of drawers they really can store a lot of makeup!

If you are after a cheaper alternative to the 'Kardashian' drawers there are so many options on ebay
just search acrylic makeup drawers and literally hundreds of options appear
these were around the £20 mark

The original drawers sell for over £100!
which frankly I would much rather spend on makeup

Do any of you have acrylic storage?
how do you like it?

Jen <3 


  1. These look amazing, I really need a better way to store my makeup! xxx

  2. I really need something like this! It'd be such a easier way to store everything & keep it organised! :) x

  3. I really like these acrylic storage units, really pretty I need to get a nice dressing table so I can put them there but I'd end up overflowing them. I really need to downsize my makeup collection :S

  4. I love it , I have one acrylic drawer and I'm sooo debating getting more but I jus cant commit to keeping them tidy and you have to cos they're see thru hahaha xxxxx

  5. I haven't seen these before but love them! I'm decorating just now so I'm looking for this kinda stuff, will defo have a look on ebay :)


  6. I'm looking to get similar storage some time soon :) Looks amazing x

  7. Acrylic storage is gorgeous, but so friggin' expensive if you buy it straight from Muji or wherever! Plus, as you say, they really don't hold all that much, but the way you've done it looks cute, with just your favourites in there :) xx

  8. Good find! I use the muji drawers, which are really similar.

  9. What a cute way to organise your make up! I may have to look into this!

  10. Ahh amazing I need to invest in some of these! xoxo

  11. Ah you've got to love acrylic storage! I use Muji and love them.

    Kimberley x