Thursday, 28 February 2013

My MUA Lipstick Collection

So my MUA collection seems to have expanded without me really noticing 
and I now have 6 gorgeous colours from the range! 

MUA lipsticks for those of you that don't know 
are available at Superdrug and are only £1 
which is amazing because you can treat yourself to a few at a time 
without feeling too bad about spending your hard earned pennies 

There is something soooo satisfying about seeing lots of lipsticks of the same brand lined up like this
or is that just me...
Anyway here they are in all their glory <3

Some are more loved than others as you can see 
but I really do love them all 

*In order as seen in previous photos*

Obviously at a £1 a lippy
MUA couldn't afford to pay someone to come up with witty names for the colours

They all have great pigment
I prefer some shades to others as a few of them can be quite drying 
Shade 4 is probably my favourite its a really glossy light pink and it's so moisturising!
Shade 14 was definitely a staple in my holiday makeup bag last year
while shade 2 has seen me through winter, and I have already purchased my backup 

*Shade 1*

Have you tried any of the MUA Lipsticks?
What's your favourite shade?

Jen <3


  1. I've never tried an MUA lipstick:O After reading this post I think you've persuaded me! ;) xxx

    1. Yaay get one! infact get five! :) xxx

  2. Sooo glad you sent me your link last night! Just sopent the best part of half an hour looking through your blog and I loveee it! I love MUA lipsticks too, especially Shade 4. Not too keen on their Lip Boom glosses though, way too sticky for me! xxx

    1. Aww wat a lovely comment kendal! Really cheered me up! I refuse to buy a lip boom because i hate alexandra burke! Lolol xx

  3. Love the look of 2 and 4, never had one before but I think I might pop out and get those shades! Great little collection! xo

  4. I've got shade 12 and shade 13....shade 12 is a really nice pink color but has the weirdest grainy consistency.. shade 13 though is a cute red colour... definetely a bargain for a pound though!!!!

  5. I have Shade 7 which is quite a pearly pink colour! going to pop out tomorrow and buy some more because for £1 they really are a steal! Ill let you know if I discover any new shades!

    Love India xx