Monday, 18 February 2013

A Look Inside My Hair Kit - The Tools

So as you may be aware if you follow me on twitter 
I have recently started doing a 'hair up' course at college 
It's an evening course and I don't get a qualification at the end of it 
but hair styling is always something I have been really interested in 
and I seem to be quite good at it 

If you missed my post about some of the styles I've been trying out then you can see it HERE

I have been doing my friends and families hair for events for quite a while now 
So I thought that this course would be a good way to perfect my skills 

Since I've become more confident in my skills I decided to share a few photos of my styles on my Facebook page and they have got a really great response.
Since then I've been asked to do peoples hair for lots of different events such as 
dancing displays, proms and weddings

I decided that If I'm going to really get serious about this I had to invest in a hair styling kit!

So here is a look inside my little kit so far
 I'm going to split this post into two parts
 The Tools & The Products 
So here is Part 1 

The Tools


RRP: £99
I have always been a big fan of these straighteners, They reach 220 degrees so are perfect for styling even the most stubborn hair! (but ALWAYS use a heat protectant!!!) They are really versatile and can be used to straighten and curl hair. I opted for the slimmer version as they are suited to most hair lengths. The thicker version of this styler doesn't work very well on shorter hair lengths.

Mark Hill Raw Hairdryer
RRP: £59.99
(The zebra print version is on offer in Boots right now for £29.99)
Basically I picked this purely for the AMAZING animal print! 
but it really is a great hairdryer, it's really powerful which makes for quick drying time.
It has 3 heat settings and a cool button for setting your style in place.
It also comes with 3 different attachments depending on the look you want to create.

Babyliss PRO Conical Wand (16-9mm)
£26 from Sallys (excl, VAT)
I had never used a wand before buying this and after testing it out I don't think I could go back to a normal tong. The results achieved from this are amazing! 
It has 25 heat settings and a salon length wire which is brilliant.
I opted for the really slim version but they are available in a variety of sizes so I think I'll be investing in a few more! 


Sectioning Clips
Sallys -£1.79 (excl VAT)
Pretty self explanatory. These are a must when putting hair up 

Grip and Pin Session Kit
Sallys - £6.99 (excl VAT)
This is a great little set which includes black brunette and blonde kirby grips and pins which is really handy especially if you are doing hair for a group of people with all different hair colours 

Primark - Large £1.50
Small £1
Buns are MASSIVE right now 
nearly every hair up that I have done recently has been a bun of some sort.
and these little beauties give that extra padding to make them look amazing!
You can buy these in loads of shops but there is no point spending a lot of money on them because they all do the same thing! and these ones from Primark are a bargain.


Head Jog Tail Comb
Sallys - £1.79 (excl VAT)

Teasing Comb 
Pauls Hair World - £2.99

Prostylista Paddle Brush 
TK MAXX - £6.99

So that's the start of my little kit
I still have a long way to go to get all the things that I need but it will take time to pick all these things up along the way.
Can you think of anything else I might need?

Keep your eyes peeled for part two The Products! 
Jen <3


  1. Oh exciting :D I've built up a wee kit too now, it's so handy instead of running around crazy looking for stuff in college esp during shoots and assessments haha xx

    1. Yaay it's so fun! I could have spent a fortune in Sallys! well I kind of did but hopefully it's worth it! :) I noticed that the deal with the hairspray that she was talking about in class was for trade card holders only though :( xxx