Monday, 11 February 2013

25 Random Facts TAG

1. I have worked in my current job in a pharmacy for the past 7 years!

2. My brother and I have the same birthday but we're not twins I'm 23 and he's 33

3. My mum IS an identical twin 

4. I moved from Glasgow to Bath for 4 and a half years 

5. I can't drive 

6. I can't have wet food touching dry food on my plate

7. I have read Angela's Ashes 10 times 

8. I have an HND in Communication with Media...which I have done nothing with!

9. I listen to Azelia Banks - 212 at least once a day

10. I have a tattoo of a swallow on my left hip 

11. I don't like Tea or Cats, which seems to be strange for a blogger 

12. I am terrified of Dinosaurs and couldn't go near the dinosaur themed rides at Disneyworld

14. I am very superstitious, which explains why I left out fact 13 ^^

15. I have followed Grey's Anatomy from day one...I still miss O'Malley :(

16. I went to uni to do Journalism...I lasted the grand total of 3 months

17. I watched my Clueless video every day until it broke

18. I love a girl band <3 I've been to see The Spice Girls once and Girls Aloud twice 

19. I'd like to get married in Vegas 

20. I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day, I haven't had one since 1st January 2012

21. I have owned my own home, although I now live with my parents 

22. I had meningitis in 2010 and have had a shit immune system ever since 

23. I'm terrible at maths and can't even do simple addition and subtraction in my head 

24. I went to the same school as the comedian Kevin Bridges 

25. My middle name is Anne (after my mum) and my confirmation name is Bernadette

I've really enjoyed reading these types of posts recently so thought I'd have a go at doing my own! 
I went with 25 as I thought that was more than enough random crap about me to throw at you for one blog post! 
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! 

Jen <3 


  1. How funny I also hate tea, and went to Uni do do Journalism...and lasted 3 months!

    I love these posts :) xx

  2. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  3. How you and your brother have te same birthday lol, me,my best friend and stepdad share a birthday xx

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  4. It was great getting to know you better, I can't drive either which is something I want to do by the end of the year and I can't believe your mum is a twin, that's so cool

    A little bit Unique


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  5. lovedd reading this! I think these were such interesting facts - how strange you and your brother are born on the same day and your mum is an identical twin!? and how strange you dont like tea or cats ;) ... xx

  6. This is a really ncie post to get to know you more :) Really cute blog you got going on here!xxxx

  7. I'd also liked to get married in Vegas but everyone usually thinks it's weird hahaha.