Saturday, 3 March 2012


After it being sold out for ages 
I got my hands on the Heaven and Earth palette from MUA 
Happy Girl :)
Heard lots of good things about it so i'll be giving it a try later

I also got myself a U ROK Love Hearts nail polish 
and a W7 polish  called Metallic Neptune which looks like it could be amazing but it was very cheap so I'm not holding out much hope!
Have a brilliant weekend everyone 


  1. OO i love the look of the nail polishes - the deep blue colour looks amazee.
    Must try the MUA Palettes too - ive heard such good things about them xx

    1. I've just put the bluey one on and it is seriously amazing! it's kind of two-tone so it changes colour in certain lights, lovely! it was only £1.50! xx

  2. Love the love hearts colour, will have to get one! x

  3. I have the MUA pallete and I love it! The 4th colour over from the left on the top row is my favourite shade...I think it's just like Benefit Moon Beam in a shadow! :) xx

  4. The W7 polish is amazing, I love it! I use it all the time on my finger nails as well as my toes :) Ive followed your blog, you should check mine out x