Monday, 12 March 2012


So this was actually Fridays look 
but I haven't had time to post

I bought this dress from Zara at Christmas and totally forgot I had it!
It's so comfortable 
and I got compliments all day,
I wore it with opaques and black heels 

Sorry that its just an upper body shot 
that's where all the detail is anyway
the bottom is pretty plain

I was quite happy with the way my hair was sitting 
it's an absolute nightmare just now
im attempting to grow out my bob and its that stupid in between length just now!
but it sat nice all day!!

*Think I had possibly had a drink at this point lol*

My hair is seriously straight!
some might see that as a blessing but not me 
there is no volume in it and it just looks flat an lifeless 

I have to put in some serious man hours to get it looking big and bouncy!

I applied some Fat hair root spray and Mousse (which I have done a previous review on)
to towel dried hair.
I then blow dried upside down, to create extra volume
then I put some big velcro rollers in at the crown

I left them in while I done my makeup
Big voluminous hair <3

Jen <3 x


  1. You look lovely, and your hair is so bright and soft looking haha in a non-creepy way of course. xxx