Saturday, 17 March 2012


Happy Saturday Guys!
(I really need to get a new camera with a timer so I don't have to take crappy mirror pics)
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend

Popped into the shops this afternoon and of course ended up in Superdrug!
My local one has just added a new Brow Bar which I think I will try out soon!
So the main reason I was in was to get some eyelashes for tonight

I ALWAYS wear eyelashes when I go out at the weekend
If I don't wear them my face feels so bare!
I know some people have a problem applying them but I think it's the easiest thing ever

My lashes of choice are EYELURE and I always get them in Number 101
I'm a creature of habit 

Superdrug had them on at 2 pairs for £8.99 
but they only had one set of 101s Boooo :( 

So I decided to be adventurous and get a set of 107s as well 

The 107s look roughly the same thickness as the 101s 
but they are winged at the ends, which could be nice

I find Eyelure lashes are by far the best ones I have tried 
Any others have always irritated my eyes after an hour or so
and I always find the glue sticks really well
but sometimes stinks of fish... YUCK!

what eyelashes do you guys wear?
any recommendations?

Jen <3 


  1. I get 10 pairs off ebay for 99p but use eyelure glue! but yes the glue absolutely stinks sometimes doesn't it, knocks me abit sick.

  2. Im the same with nights out - you will never ever see me out on the town without being armed with a pair of falsies! Ive never really used any brand apart from eyelure - i just prefer their glue! I like the girls aloud ones and i often am partial to a pack of '101' too - i find they look more natural :) xx

  3. Love your scarf! I have never tried eyelashes because I'm too scared to put glue near my eyes...wimp alert! xx

  4. I'm absolutely addicted to false lashes, I love the ones that are winged at the ends, they look so pretty! I use the Salon System lashes but I'm a beauty therapist and I get them from the wholesalers, not sure if you can buy them anywhere else but they're really good! xx

  5. Hi Jennifer!

    I have tagged you to do the 11 questions tag!
    Here is the post:

    xoxo Aerial

  6. I love eyelure eyelashes :) great choice, the katy perry new ones are amazing too :) I hope you will follow my blog

  7. Eyelure lashes are amazing, definitely my favourite <3
    Zoe xoxo