Friday, 24 February 2012

Slimming World

So as I've mentioned in my about me page I have finally quit smoking! YAYY
Seriously don't know how I've managed it as I have ZERO willpower,
but due to some miracle I have :)
(me in the back of a taxi on a recent night out puffing on my fake cigarette)

The downside to not smoking..
it was getting ridiculous.
January for me was pretty much spent attached to the fridge.

At the beginning of the month I decided enough was enough
I had to stop being a fat bastard 
and back away from the fridge.

So I've joined Slimming World! 
Went to the first meeting and came out feeling really positive.
It sounded like I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted 
Including as much rice and pasta as I could stuff my little face with
WTF I hear you say? yeah me 2!
I didn't understand how I could still eat all this stuff and lose weight!

So week one 
I stuck to this plan religiously
I ditched my toast for breakfast and had a yogurt
Sacked the Steak McCoys at break time and had fruit
No more Pizza for dinner, Just lean meat and healthy carbs

I was almost certain I'd lost like half my body weight...
First weigh in .... ONE AND A HALF MEASLY POUNDS!
I was RAJ!

My mum tried to feed me some bullshit story that it would all come off the following week.
I chose to ignore her, cracked open a can of Irn Bru and had a burger.

This week I kinda sorta but not really stuck to the plan.
Basically I would pretend to stick to it all day, then go home and eat whatever I wanted for dinner
I'm also pretty sure I went to Nandos at some point...

So weigh in was last night.
I was expecting to leave red faced having put back on what I had lost and then some.

Turns out

God knows what I done but I must have done something right.
I celebrated by going to the chip shop, which maybe wasn't the best idea
but it tastes SOOO GOOOD 

Is anyone else following a weight loss plan?
How are you getting on?

Jen <3 

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