Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fat Hair


These are the best products I have ever come across. As someone who has thin hair that is as flat as a pancake I am always looking for products that can create volume. This is my LIFESAVER

One major problem...
Everyone else has fallen in love with it as well and it only seems to be available at Superdrug, so recently the hairspray in particular has been a nightmare to get a hold of and my stash is rapidly running out! 


Thickening Spray - This should be used on the roots when hair is damp, works best when hair is blow dried upside down to create extra volume! 

Amplifying Mousse - Wouldn't say the mousse is the best product in the range, These products can be very heavy so if you are planning on using the thickening and hair spray I wouldn't bother with the mousse as well. You don't want to overload your hair with product. 
Still a good quality mousse though, Worth a buy! 

Amplifying Hairspray - (available in two sizes....if you can find it)
Whoever made this hairspray is an absolute legend, Without a doubt the best hairspray I have ever tried. It is quite similar to "Otis Dust It" in that it has unbelievable hold and creates amazing volume!
The only downside, It creates a sticky texture in your hair that wont exactly make people want to run their fingers through it, but who cares, your hair will look amazing.
I'm not exaggerating when I say this hairspray is like gold dust, so if you are lucky enough to be in superdrug on delivery day and get your hands on it. 

There are also a few other products available such as a shampoo and a conditioner which I haven't tried yet so let me know what you think of them if you have :)


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