Thursday, 3 May 2012

Style Crush Kourtney K

Now I love all the Kardashian girls 
I think Khloe is hilarious 
Kim is well... she's Kim Kardashian!
but Kourtney is my favourite Dash Doll of them all

I LOVE her style
I think sometimes Kim can look a bit tacky at times 
but Kourt has a style of her own and it's amazing
If I look half as good as her when I'm a mum I'll be thrilled 

This is at a recent E! event 
How amazing does she look SHE'S PREGNANT!!

I love how the neon shoes and necklace really pop in what would have been an otherwise plain outfit
The dress is quite short, but she's really balanced it well with the long sleeves 

These are two variations of a very similar look, which is SO Kourtney
Slicked back hair, White collared shirt, Black skirt, Opaques and killer heels!
She really likes adding masculine touches, A bow tie, A tuxedo trouser
This seems to be a look that is catching on with the rest of the family 

Personally I don't think Mama Jenner quite pulls it off as well as her daughter!

Here's some amazing summer looks of Kourt's, which I will definitely be trying to recreate.

So that's my style crush
Who's yours?

Jen <3 xxx


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