Monday, 16 September 2013

Baby B Browne, Self Tanning Lotion: Review

My name is Jennifer and I'm a fake tan addict! 
seriously nothing makes me feel happier healthier or skinnier than a bronzed glow on my skin
Every Thursday night I go through my little fake tan ritual 
Although it's a hassle at the time it's worth it in the morning.

Baby B Browne is a new fake tan to me. It was developed in 2011 by an Irish company 
They wanted to make a natural looking fake tan which didn't have that horrible biscuity smell we all know and love...

What they say:

The Baby B. Browne range is designed to react with your individual skin pigment to create a natural looking colour that is specific to you. All products comes with a guide colour for an easy and streak-free application, dry quickly and create an instantly natural looking and long lasting tan. Our self-tanning lotion is infused with vanilla extracts to create a deliciously fresh fragrance whilst our professional spray tan solutions are fragrance free; with Baby B. Browne products the dreaded self-tan smell is eliminated.

What I say:

First of all I like the packaging, clean and simple. 
I also like the fact that the pump swivels and locks rather than having a lid
I have a habit of losing lids and the product ends up all over my drawer so the fact that this locks is great!

I used a mitt to apply the tan and the guide colour helped as it's much easier to prevent streaking.
I left the tan to develop overnight, although the instructions do say that you can wash it off after 4-8 hours.

Now I can't believe I am actually about to say this but Baby B Browne 
It actually has a pleasant smell! I didn't think it was possible.
This is definitely a major selling point for me because I really do despise the normal fake tan smell.

One thing I will say is it doesn't dry extremely quickly
but I only ever put fake tan on when I'm not thinking about leaving the house
so it's not a big problem, I just had to wait a little while before putting clothes on.

When I showered it off in the morning I was left with a really nice natural colour 
It's not too dark just a natural glow. 
The directions also state that if you want a deeper colour re-apply after 12-24 hours.

I applied the lotion on Thursday, It's now Monday and I'm still really happy with the colour 
So I think one application is enough for me.


I really liked this tan 
I am a big fan of the colour and an even bigger fan of the smell!
I was also completely streak free which is always a bonus 

Baby B Browne is £14.95 for 250ml
and is available HERE

What's your favourite fake tan?
Or do you prefer the pale and interesting look?

Jen <3 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

An Old Bird Starts Uni + Stationary Haul

So next Monday I revert back to my 17 year old self
(which was longer ago than I care to remember)
After 8 years of full time employment I'm going to uni AHHHHH

I'm pretty sure it's going to take a while for my bank account to become used to being empty
and for my liver to get used to the student way of life 
but as much as I'm pretty terrified about starting my degree I am really excited! 

As of September 16th I will officially be a student nurse!
Part of me thinks I'm crazy going back to being a skint student after all this time 
but I really think I'm far more ready for uni now than I was when I left school
I have some life experience under my belt and have had time to think about what I really want to do.

I worked in pharmacy for a long time after leaving school 
Although I really enjoyed it I felt it was time for a change
I got a job as a Clinical Support Worker in an Operating Theatre in a hospital
Basically this means assisting in an operating theatre while surgery takes place
This job is not for the faint hearted as it can get pretty gruesome 
but I got to live out my Greys Anatomy fantasy for a while!
During my time in the hospital I decided that rather than being a nursing assistant 
I really wanted to be a nurse myself! So I applied for university
I really didn't think I would get in as after years of mucking about in school my exam results were never great
However because I am now a 'Mature Student'
(Yuck I feel like I should have a blue rinse)
Not only do they look at your exam results but they also take into account your work experience 
I couldn't believe it when I got in! 

So I have now officially finished work 
and am using this week to sort out supplies for uni!
which means stationary shopping!!

Now I'm a bit clueless as to what I'm actually going to need for uni
but there is something about stationary that makes me happy 
so I figure the more the better!
My first stop was Wilkinsons
(I think it's also called Wilko in some places)
where they have some really nice stationary ranges in 
and they are very reasonably priced

I picked some items from two of the ranges
the first was Nostalgia 

I got this really cute magnetic To Do List Notebook (60p)
which I'm sure will come in handy as I'm really not the most organised person in the world 

I also got this Lever Arch File (£1)
Have you noticed the recurring bird theme? lol 

The last item I got from this collection was this Expanding File (£2.50)
The little bird on the top left is almost exactly the same as my tattoo <3 

I also picked up a few pieces from the Wilde Collection 

Is this a bit morbid when studying nursing?
Oh well I like skulls 
Ringbinder (75p)
Document Wallet (80p) 

Next stop on my stationary quest was Rymans 
where these Pukka Pads were on a 3 for 2 offer 
The large ones were £4.99 and the small one was £3.99

Last but not least is the beautiful academic diary from Paperchase 
which was £8 but had 20% off! 
Again with the birdies but it was to pretty to pass up!

So am I brave, stupid or a bit of both to be going to uni?
Is anyone else starting uni this year?